CEO Gives His Car To Employee, Who Left Home At Midnight To Walk Miles To Be At Work On Time

If you have a goal that you really want to achieve, then the last thing you need to look for is an excuse to go back. Instead, you must implement every means to get there. And the story of this young man testifies to this will and courage to be armed.

The power of the will
The will is a power. This is what exercises conscious control over a person's behavior, it is this power of choice between alternative actions, it is what intentionally directs the mind towards thought or action. Will is a rational causality belonging to our power of practical reason.

The will is like a muscle that we must nurture and develop, and it is always linked to 4 important aspects:

1. Self-confidence
Self-confidence is mainly developed from two areas in life. The first is experiencing love, feeling loved and accepted, and the second is success, as it propels you toward greater effort in life.

2. Desire
Will is easily associated with desire since it is the fuel that propels it. Because if you want something, it's much easier to put the effort into it.

3. Ability
Will and capacity go hand in hand. Often, when you're looking to start a project, the first thing you're wondering is, are you ready?

4. Perseverance
It is easy to think that the will is directly related to perseverance, this obstinate trait of not giving up. To get up even when we do not want to continue even when we are afraid to hang on.

Often, it is in difficulty that the will makes the difference between those who absolutely want to succeed and put the necessary efforts and those who want but who do not have enough will to make it happen, and the story of this young person man testifies to the awesome power of the will!

An example of will and courage
Walter Carr was supposed to start his first day at the Bellhops moving company. But the night before, his car breaks down. No employer will probably believe that your car suddenly broke down if you arrive at work late on the first day, and so you find yourself in the hot seat.

Walter knew that, so he walked from Homewood to Pelham, Alabama all night to arrive on time. So, he walked 30 km. It was a Friday.

It took just one weekend for Walter's courage to become known throughout the city, thanks to four Pelham executives and Bellhops customers who admired and praised Walter's will.

The news finally reached Bellhops CEO Luke Marklin, who came from Tennessee to extend special thanks to Walter for his dedication to the job.

But Walter did not expect the gesture of recognition from his new boss. Marklin gave him his personal car as a gift.

Walter was very touched by Marklin's gift, and it seems that the CEO of the company wanted to do everything he could to congratulate his new employee.

Jennifer Lamey, who helped to publicize Walter's good action, wrote about his experience working with the young man on Facebook. His job became viral.

In Jennifer's post, she talks about the remarkable day she spent moving with Walter. He told him a little about himself, how his family lost their home in Hurricane Katrina, and how he knew the walk was not going to be easy, but he did fact.

Jenny was moved by so much desire to do well, which prompted her to write this:

"I can not tell you how much I was touched by Walter and his trip, he is humble, kind and happy. It's a worker, I can not imagine walking alone in the middle of the night without telling me to turn back, how many times did he wonder if it was better? But he did it anyway. I am in total admiration for this young man. ".

Jenny was so impressed by Walter's personality that she initiated a fundraiser to help him and his family.

Walter is now seen as a model of great will and courage in the Bellhops community. And that seems to be a well deserved title that attests to his unwavering will.

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