Boys Aged 12 And 13 Face 10 Years Of Prison For Killing Half A Million Bees

Some people are afraid of bees because these little animals can sting, although they do so only in case of extreme need of self-defense. But the thing to keep in mind is that a bee is an indispensable part of the ecosystem balance on a global scale.

Bees, creatures important for the ecosystem
Bees are part of a chain that maintains the balance of the ecosystem by pollinating flowers and playing a role in the lives of many animal and plant species. Indeed, without the action of bees, dozens of plants would be unable to reproduce and die. This would result in the death of several animal species that live from these plants. And in the end, the man would be deprived of these animal species which he feeds. So a whole chain would be destroyed.

An incident more than deplorable
Justin and Tori Englehardt are the owners of the "Wild Hill" beekeeping estate in Sioux City, in the US state of Iowa. They went to check their bee hives on the morning of December 28 and found that 50 of them had been destroyed. This has resulted in the death of more than 500,000 bees and a loss of more than $ 60,000 for their business.

Justin told the local paper, "They knocked down all the hives, killed all the bees. They completely annihilated us ... They broke into our hangar, took out all our equipment and threw it on the ground, broke everything they could break ... Nothing seems to have been stolen, everything was vandalized or seriously damaged. "

But what has put the Englehardt in trouble is the fact that insurance companies do not cover the risks for bees, which has led them to use a fundraising page to try to keep alive their activity.

Support was not far
Surprisingly enough, the community gathered and the fundraising page that the couple set up had already exceeded $ 30,000 by the time it was deactivated. Mr. Englehardt commented, "It is thanks to all these contributions that we will be able to rebuild everything at the beginning of spring. We are deeply touched by all this compassion, between donations of money and equipment, we were able to recover by fulfilling our needs. "

He said he was also grateful to the local police who were able to arrest the culprits in just a few days. Despite the fact that "Wild Hill Honey" was in a remote location and there were no witnesses to the crime, thanks to the help of the community and some tips from the investigators, the arrest of the two boys could get done fast enough.

justice has been done
The two perpetrators, who can not be named because of their age, have been charged with first degree criminal offenses as well as third-degree livestock and third-party burglary offenses. They were also charged with aggravated misdemeanor and possession of theft tools.

These offenses can result in a 10-year prison sentence and a fine of up to $ 10,000. Nevertheless, considering this sentence has sparked a whole debate about the case because the two people involved are minors, knowing that lawsuits for animal offenses are rare in Iowa.

Woodbury County's deputy attorney said, "I do not remember any lawsuits of this type in the county. I may be wrong, but there is nothing that comes to my mind. "

The case will therefore most likely be decided by a juvenile court and whatever the result or the sanction decided, the pair of beekeepers is simply grateful for the speed of the arrest.

Although the couple plans to rebuild Wild Hill Honey, he has not failed to take advantage of media attention to educate other beekeepers about the danger of vandalism. The Englehardt did not fail to recall: "Bees are critically important and many already know that bees are currently facing real challenges. "

Because of pesticides, pests and other harmful substances, bee populations drop by about 30% every year in France (bee colony collapse syndrome). It is therefore very important to ensure the well-being of these insects for the balance of our planet. "The day the bees will disappear, the man will have only four years to live; more bees, more plants, more animals, more humans. "
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