Bald Men Are Smarter, More Attractive, More Virile And More Successful According To Science

Nowadays, science shows us the probability or not of a certain number of elements with regard to various and varied subjects, especially as regards the field of health and psychology. And all this in order to produce and develop a certain number of correlations that are essential for our evolution as a human being. Take the example of this 2012 study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania scientist Albert E. Mannes, who showed that bald men would be much smarter and more dominant than those with classic hair.

Bald Men Are Smarter, More Attractive

It has been proven that bald men are more attractive
According to Business Insider, a 2012 study by researcher and scientist Albert E. Mannes at the University of Pennsylvania, USA, found that bald men were often perceived and recognized as more intelligent and dominant than men. men with normally constituted hair.

Indeed, the study consisted at first sight, to present to the subjects who participated, different photos, about half of which represented men who were totally bald and the other half, men with hair of different lengths. The analysis and results of the participants' evaluation of the photos clearly demonstrated an appreciation of a certain strength and dominance among bald men.

According to them, the bald ones seem more masculine, more sure of them, stronger and thus more attractive than those presenting no baldness.

Why are some men bald?
Another older study still conducted by the University of Pennsylvania in 2011, reveals that baldness is due to the inactivation of stem cells found in hair follicles. It would be enough to activate them so that their hair regrow. At present, the only adequate treatment consists of a micro-graft of hair taken one by one in the areas filled with the skull which will thus fill the bald area.

There are other causes of baldness and they are numerous. It can be due to stress, taking medication, or even an unbalanced diet. Nevertheless, the main factor remains heredity.

But let all these gentlemen be reassured, there in this case, no need to make baldness a complex of inferiority!

Other studies confirm the prevalence of bald men

A study similar to that of Albert E. Mannes was conducted by the psychologist Ronald Henss of the University of Saarland in Germany, to identify the perception of the population about bald men. After probing

20,000 participants, the study found that bald men are certainly older but often considered to be smarter and wiser than average.

Big movie stars and sports are bald

Is baldness a physical anomaly? Certainly not ! Take the example of actors or singers, most of them are bald and irresistibly attractive like Pascal Obispo and Franck Gastambide. Moreover, we would not imagine otherwise and other stars, including bald sportsmen, also illustrate by a certain strength and fervor and show a real sex appeal as Zin├ędine Zidane and Frank LeBoeuf! There is no doubt that the results of the studies were probably and strongly influenced by the influx of world famous men such as Bruce Willis, Jason Statham or Vin Diesel!

Certainly, men with silky and long hair may be fantasizing some ... But a priori, bald men win all votes!
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