After 4 Years, This Addict Of Plastic Surgery Is Unrecognizable

Generally, plastic surgery is used to repair physical defects or damage caused by aging. However, this surgery may have the opposite effect and cause more havoc than embellishment.

Some people even go so far as to want to radically change their physique in order to look like stars or their idols, spending huge sums in this direction. Mary Magdalene is one of the fervent proponents of plastic surgery surgery who has had her entire body reshaped by undergoing breast augmentation, gluteal implants and shaping lips in the image of actress Angelina Jolie; she considered herself too banal and ordinary and wanted to become exceptional.

When Mary had started some remodeling on her body, she could not stop. In 4 years, this practice became her favorite pastime, even a drug she could not do without. She was satisfied with her physique, although other people found the result shocking.

plastic surgery

Why use plastic surgery
We are more and more appealing to plastic surgery because we are conditioned by a society that places a lot of importance on the appearance of the individual. A hunched nose, bulges or sagging skin quickly become complex and can lead to loss of self-confidence.

In fact, the person does not accept himself as he is and feels the imminent need to change his physiognomy in order to please and feel admired by others. The search for beauty becomes instinctive, especially for women.

In addition, the company makes a negative judgment about anyone with shocking faults or signs of old age. Beauty is idealized and often represented by models or even perfect dolls, which can lead to the non acceptance of any physical defect.

Similarly, some people have the idea that beauty is the foundation of success in life. As a result, plastic surgery is no longer the preserve of women, even men do it with joy to beautify their appearance, even if they remain in the minority.

The hidden face of plastic surgery
Becoming more and more common, plastic surgery is commonplace today, however, it is not devoid of risk and danger; scars too visible, traces on the skin, catastrophic result not to mention the complications that can occur, among others, paralysis, eye disorders or embolism that manifests itself as an obstruction of a blood vessel.

Then comes the psychological risk when the surgery does not provide the expected effect or worse still disfigures a person who previously had an acceptable physique.

Consequences of the abuse of surgery
A fervent person of the plastic surgery can turn to the obsessional if it is psychologically weak and is the cost of a badly successful operation. Thus, it can result in illnesses up to depression.

What solution to limit the risk of drift
It is important to weigh the pros and the cons before embarking headlong in such a heavy operation and know the stakes and the risks but especially know why this transformation must be practiced and what it will bring positive to his body and his mind.

Another solution is to turn to natural methods of beautification as beauty alternatives which, combined with facial massage techniques, can produce amazing results without breaking the bank and especially without risk of health accidents.

Here is a natural mask with lemon, olive oil and honey to firm the skin of the face, neck.

Lemon is known for its high vitamin C content and antioxidant effect. It purifies the skin and its citric acid content gives it the role of disinfectant. In addition, its richness in flavonoids and tannins makes this citrus an ingredient that helps rejuvenate the skin and fight against wrinkles.

Olive oil is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E that help slow skin aging.

Honey is moisturizing and contains minerals that have the ability to rejuvenate skin cells.

Simply dilute a few drops of lemon with a few drops of olive oil and honey and spread this mixture on the face, neck and décolleté, once a week.

Caution :
If your skin is fragile, it is advisable not to use the lemon in order not to damage it. It is also recommended not to expose to the sun after using lemon on the face because it is photosensitizing.
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