A Young Mother Is Furious After Taking Her Daughter From Daycare

When you send your child to a daycare, it is perfectly normal not to worry about his safety because all the children are in the hands of professionals. At least they are supposed to be. However, this young mother's experience in this daycare proves that our expectations are not always true..

Child abuse in day care

Child abuse in day care

Due to a few high-profile cases, many parents fear that their children will be abused or sexually assaulted by a child care worker. Yet studies show that daycares are relatively safe. At the same time, it is important to know the signs in the rare cases where children are physically or sexually abused.

Always listen to your children and take them seriously if they talk to you about something that makes them uncomfortable during the day. With children who do not speak yet or who seem reluctant to talk, you will need to watch for other clues.

Warning Signals

Parents should be alert to these indicators of abuse:
  • Behavioral changes or extreme mood changes.
  • Enuresis (bedwetting), nightmares, fear of going to bed or other sleep disorders.
  • Perform inappropriate sexual activity or show unusual interest in sexual matters.
  • Act suddenly like having an aggressive or rebellious behavior.
  • Regression to infantile behavior or sudden excessive attachment.
  • School problems, behavior problems.
  • Changes in toilet habits.
  • The fear of certain places, people or activities as an excessive fear of going to daycare.

Choosing the right daycare

Many centers check the background of potential employees to see if they have a criminal record. Screening can also show addiction or a history of emotional instability. Ask the center director how he monitors his employees. Also find out about other people who may be in contact with your child, such as caretakers or bus drivers.

In a family day care center (kindergarten), it is less likely that you have this information, so you should rely on the recommendations you receive from people you know, such as friends or neighbors.

You also need to know who, in addition to the caregiver, will be in contact with your child. Some cases of abuse involved parents, such as the father, husband or sons of the custodial person.

As an example of abuse, here is a case of child abuse in day-care centers where this mother discovered that her daughter was abused!

The daycare, a safe place for a child?

After picking up her daughter from the daycare, Jessica Hayes, a young mother installed, immediately noticed that something was wrong.

She noticed that Addison's feet, her daughter, were swollen and that there were red marks and bruises on her daughter's ankle.

Although 17-month-old Addison was not yet able to say a word, she was crying because her feet were wrapped in tape. The little girl felt really uncomfortable.

Where did Addison get such injuries?

Addison is used to taking off her shoes, it's a new skill she's just learned. As the two daycare workers were upset by the girl's repeated behavior, they decided to tape her shoes. They attached the adhesive tape firmly enough to leave red marks and bruises around the girl's ankles.

After the discovery, Jessica contacted the daycare director to review the video footage of the incident.

On top of that, Jessica shared her daughter's injury photos online, encouraging other parents to pay more attention to their children's day care. Although many people supported the furious mother, some were also angry and criticized Jessica for buying shoes that seemed too big for her daughter.

Finally, Jessica did what she wanted because her position encouraged the daycare director to apologize directly for the actions of her employees.

It was a terrible accident that occurred in the daycare and the director could not help dismissing the two employees. Jessica's daughter will continue to attend the same school.

Although this story has a kind of happy ending, it's very sad, and it's a warning for parents to pay more attention to where they babysit their children. Children can not defend themselves against adults, especially at this age. Share this story to let others know about the potential dangers of some daycares.
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