A Heartbroken Cat Stayed A Year On The Grave Of His Late Master

It's always fascinating to see how much animals look like us. Realize that they sometimes behave like us and that they can feel the same emotions as us is an indescribable feeling that melts our hearts. Among the most touching things in animals, there are certainly those reactions that they have that show that they feel just like us with compassion, attachment or even sadness and sorrow.

Here is the moving story of this faithful cat who was heartbroken when her mistress, Ibu Kundari, passed away. Her attachment to her was such that after the latter's death she remained on her grave for almost a year.

Ibu Kundari had collected her cat as a kitten and wandered the streets of Kebumen, Java, Indonesia. Since then, they have always been together and have never left each other.

A surprising discovery

Thus one day, at the local cemetery in central Java, the cat was discovered, meowing and rolling on the ground.

Keli Keningau Prayitno, 28, was just passing by when she heard the cat's meowing.

The young woman was touched and thought it was a homeless cat. He wanted to take care of it and adopt it, and he took her home. However, the cat left home the next day.

Keli Keningau Prayitno, who goes to the cemetery every morning, noticed that the cat had gone on her own to return to the grave of her deceased mistress. As the days passed, he also realized that this was where she spent most of her time. He could see her rubbing against the tombstone, meowing, or rolling on the ground with grief.

On her Facebook account, Keli explains that the cat, whose name he does not know, regularly leaves the grave to go to her former home, the one where she lived with her mistress Ibu Kundari. There, she receives food and caresses from the children of the latter.

"I thought this female was homeless. I wanted to help him. But, every day, I saw her coming back here, "Keli, interviewed by The Daily Mail, said. "Sometimes she leaves for a few hours, goes back to her old house where she is nurtured by the family, but she never forgets to come back there. "

Since this story was relayed, residents of the island of Java have created a kitty to be able to offer food to the bereaved cat. Others take turns even to keep him company.

In spite of the attentions of the inhabitants of the region and despite the fact that Keli and Ibu Kundari's son tried to adopt her, the cat refuses to leave the grave of her deceased mistress, with whom she remains night and day. "Since her mistress died, she stayed here near the grave. She does not want to go home. It's been almost a year since she's here. "

"She's sleeping here and she's meowing. She is there every day. Adds the young man. "It saddens me but it shows how animals can be close to their masters"

Cats feel the same emotions as us
Even though cats may seem cold and distant, and animal behavior expert Anita Kesley says, "dogs are generally more likely to be so attached to their master," experts agree. say that the loss of a companion cat or a master can be very painful for them. They may experience depressive symptoms such as:
  • Aanxiety
  • Lethargy
  • Loss of interest in normal activities and the world around them
  • Excessive calm or on the contrary excessive meowing
  • Loss of appetite
  • Need of affection

It is possible that a cat spends days and days in search of his missing loved one, whom he loved and who loved him, and that he continues to wait for his return for a long time.

The importance of treating animals well
The goodness and good behavior we must have concerns all creatures and not just human beings.

We admire through animals the diversity and beauty of nature. They are not there for us to use or abuse as we see fit. Animals have rights that must be respected, just like us.
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