A Father Calls For Help After The Missing Of His Daughter

Each year 50,000 people are sought by their relatives, of whom 20,000 disappear without being found. Most of these misses are unfortunately not relayed by the media, and relatives of missing persons sometimes turn to the public in the hope of getting help and gathering any clues that might have escaped the police.

A Father Calls For Help After The Missing Of His Daughter

The missing of Mollie Tibbetts
Mollie Tibbetts, 20, has been missing since Wednesday, July 18, 2018. In the last few days before she disappeared, she kept her boyfriend's dog Jack at his home, who had gone on a work trip two days earlier.

It was around 9 pm on Wednesday night and around the small town of Brooklyn, Iowa, that the student was seen for the last time.

Mollie was indeed out for her daily jogging, and it is on one of its three usual routes that eyewitnesses report to have seen, shortly before her disappearance.

A Father Calls For Help After The Missing Of His Daughter

The authorities still do not know what could have caused the missing of the young woman, described as soft and radiant by his friends, nor who could be at the origin.

His father turns to social networks
In the hope of gathering clues that could move the case forward, Mollie's father Rob Tibbetts spoke to the public a few days after her missing , during an appearance on the TV show Good Morning America.

This father is indeed convinced that some people have decisive details to provide investigators, even if they do not suspect their importance. For him, "The authorities have told us again and again that cases similar to this one are always solved by information provided by the public. "

What to do when one of your loved ones has disappeared?
Above all, when one realizes the missing  of a person, it is essential to keep one's self-control. Anxiety and stress are not the best allies for reflection and thoughtful and reasoned approaches.

The first thing to do, in addition to making sure to keep the mind clear, is to contact the authorities without delay.

If the missing is considered worrying, an investigation is immediately triggered by the police and gendarmerie, and the missing person is registered in the file of wanted persons (RPF).

It is then recommended to contact the relatives of the missing person: his friends, his family, his neighbors, etc.

To know the place of his missing , one can try to find the last person to have seen it.

You can also go to the places that the missing person used to frequent: housing, work, gym ...

It may also be useful to contact hospitals in case the person has been the victim of an accident.

Finally, and as we have just seen, addressing the public through social networks and the media is a useful way to collect as many clues as possible witnesses.

Prevent is better than cure
To try to prevent the missing as much as possible, here are some important instructions to follow:

Know the procedure of the perpetrators of aggression and kidnapping
What are the most likely targets? What is the procedure of the aggressors? At what times of the day do they act and in what places?

Monitor your surroundings
Always be aware of what is around us and look for any abnormal signs or anything out of the ordinary.

Keep out of the limelight
Do not wear too bright clothes or show any outward signs of wealth. Do not stain and look self-confident.

Beware of eavesdropping
Do not talk about your schedule with strangers and beware of people who are too friendly or who could watch us or listen to us discreetly without us realizing it.

Do not keep the same routine
To be difficult to reach by varying its routes, its means of transport, its departure times. Do not be easily identifiable and not be predictable.

Do not leave a lot of traces on social media
Do not show your exit habits and routines on social networks.

Stay in touch with someone you trust
Stay in touch with people you trust and with whom you can regularly correspond by sending them a message every time you leave a place or join a new one.

Have a geolocation device in real time
You can also keep a geolocation device at all times so that someone you trust can always know where you are.
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