A Buddhist Master Reveals The 10 Signs Of A Toxic Person And How To Behave With It

A Buddhist Master Reveals The 10 Signs Of A Toxic Person And How To Behave With It

We all know these radiant people who, wherever they go, are accompanied by their aura of positive energy. These people inspire us with their sincere smiles, and the kindness of their hearts. Conversely, there are toxic people who vampirise our energy, and poison our morale with their pessimism and all the negativity they emit. In this article, find the 10 infallible signs that show that a person is toxic.

You have probably already met at least once in your life, a toxic person. When you spend time with this type of people, you feel sad and leached, and you do not know why. If you think someone around you is toxic. You must read this.

Dealing with a toxic person can easily ruin your morale and negatively impact your daily life. But it is not always easy to distinguish between a good person and a malicious person. With these 10 signs revealed by a Zen master, you will no longer fall into the trap of toxic people.

1- A toxic person keeps complaining:
A toxic person never stops lamenting himself. Even when everything seems to work perfectly in her life, she will always find a reason to complain. And when you advise her, she will tell you that it will not work, and that her problems are much more serious than you think.

2- A toxic person does not listen to others:
Toxic people are extremely self-centered and egocentric. They can tell you their problems for hours, but as soon as you start talking to you, they turn their backs on you. A toxic person has the ultimate conviction that the world revolves around her, and that others are only there to serve and listen to her.

3- A toxic person wants to control everyone:
A toxic person wants the world to bend to his desires. She wants to control everything, and never agrees to hear the word "No". And as soon as she finds that she can not manipulate everyone, she develops feelings of hatred and resentment towards others.

4- A toxic person does not accept the opinion of others:
When a toxic person expresses his opinion on something, she wants everyone to agree with her. Because she believes herself superior to others, and thinks that all people who have a different opinion of hers are malicious, or not smart enough.

5- A toxic person wants you to spend all your time:
Even when you're tired, even when you're going through difficult times, the toxic people want you to be always available and listening. They think that their little benign problems are far more important than your life, and your time is of little value to them.

6- A toxic person makes people believe that she is honest:
Toxic people love hurting people with their cruel words, and inappropriate comments. And when you ask them why they do that, they will tell you that it is perfectly normal and that they are so honest that they can not help telling the truth to others.

7- A toxic person often speaks ill of others:
Above all, a toxic person is a person who does not trust her, her heart is full of hatred and jealousy. And to boost her ego, she is ready to do everything. That is why one of the favorite activities of toxic people is the judgment of others. When they indulge in their favorite hobby, they think they steal the light and the star of the people they criticize. That's why they feel like a kind of relief, a feeling of victory that, unfortunately for them, only lasts a few minutes ...

8- A toxic person thinks that she is always right:
A toxic person thinks that she knows everything, that her intelligence level is superior to others. She accepts neither explanations nor information that others communicate to her. It is a person blinded by his narcissism, she only listens to what her mind dictates to her, and the opinion of others is of no importance to her.

9- A toxic person does everything to enlarge his circle of friends:
Just to flatter his ego and feel better in the skin, a toxic person will do everything to expand his circle of friends, and have this image of a popular person and appreciated by everyone.

10- A toxic person likes to lie:
Toxic people are often mythomaniacs, who can not live without lying to others. They do this to be interesting to others while boosting their ego.

With all these signs, it is now easy to recognize a toxic person. The best way to avoid wickedness and negativity is to move away from it as far and as quickly as possible. For good moral and physical health, it is important to protect yourself by avoiding any contact with this type of person.
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