92-Year-Old Woman Defies Doctors' Prognosis And Meets First-great-granddaughter

92-year-old Woman Defies Doctors' Prognosis And Meets First-great-granddaughter

Health and happiness, are both linked? We can assume that those who are in good health are generally happy. But what about the opposite? If someone is sick, can happiness make them feel better physically? The answer is yes ! And this 92 year old woman is the perfect example!

The power of happiness
Many studies have shown that a positive outlook on life has many tangible benefits. According to therapist Barbara Santay, happy people cope with stress and trauma, are more resilient to shocks, have a stronger immune system and live longer.

The statistics are staggering, according to Santay, two-thirds of women breast cancer survivors who attend support groups report that their lives have become better after developing a disease. Women with strong social ties live on average 18 months longer than those with little or no connection. Mourning has been associated with stress hormones, and it has been proven that friendly social contact reduces these hormones.

According to Michael Mirochna, a family physician at Porter Porter Primary Care and Wear Physician Group of Porter Regional Hospital, when the patient's mood is good, he will feel less pain, if he starts to feel worse and you dig up in his psychosocial history, you find that something has happened (his dog is dead, relationship problems, etc.).

It is clear that happiness promotes good physical health, or at least improves it. Santay adds that people think they would be happy if they get married, if they have a baby, if they have plastic surgery, or if they win the lottery. These things provide a temporary boost to feel pleasure (not happiness), but after a while, people return to their initial state of mind.

Experts agree that what leads to a continuous state of happiness has nothing to do with circumstances or material possessions, which can be ephemeral. On the contrary, happiness comes from us and our vision of life.

Fortunately, such a perspective can be cultivated and exercised, so that anyone can take control of their mental, emotional and therefore physical health.

Some say that happiness can even work miracles, and the story of this 92-year-old woman we are going to present to you clearly demonstrates the power of happiness.

A miracle of happiness
Can a real happiness defy the pessimistic prognosis of a doctor? Jean Roper, 92, from Alabama, is living proof that it is possible.

Jean had only two or three weeks to live. The woman suffered from kidney failure and the doctors could do nothing to save her.

Jean's great-granddaughter, Kayla Tracy, 24, remembers how difficult it was for the whole family to realize that their loving grandmother would no longer be among them. For her, Jean has always been the heart of the family.

But something miraculous happened later. Kayla's 21-year-old sister, Amber Harris, was pregnant with her first child and was about to give birth. She told Jean that the baby was a girl, who will be her first great-great-granddaughter, and that she decided to name her Jean in his honor.

The next day, after receiving happy news, John's condition began to change; she was better. She was excited and she was telling everyone that she just wanted to live long enough to see this little girl.

Jean and her husband Edward, 94, have three children, seven grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren and 11 great-great-grandchildren, but almost all of them are boys.

The idea of having a great-great-grandchild soon became a medicine for Jean. She was suffering from depression after losing her eldest son because of the disease that nearly cost her life too. But everything changed completely overnight.

Magnolia Jean was born on January 21st without even realizing that she has already saved someone's life. Jean said she really helped her survive and surpass the doctor's pessimistic prognosis.

Now, Jean is happy and healthy. On March 5, she and her husband celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary.

The story of John once again demonstrates the power of happiness and its effect on the human body to even produce miracles! Feel free to share this beautiful story!
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