7 Things You Do That Make Your Cat Secretly Hate You

Cats are pets, known for their independence and their reserved side. However, they do not all have the same behavior, some are docile, cozy and affectionate, others fierce, players with a strong character. But that's what makes these adorable felines unique.

Cats are excellent companions, they provide joy and fun for both children and adults but they also provide therapeutic benefits to their masters. Thus, they communicate a well-being and a desire to live. In addition, they provide relaxation and relaxation to anxious people and even sick children who suffer from emotional disorders or hospitalized for various diseases.

However, despite all the benefits they provide, it is important to know that some of our behaviors, as humans, are not appreciated by cats, or even hated by these little creatures.

7 Things You Do That Make Your Cat Secretly Hate You

Here are the 7 things that could be done to our cat and that he abhors to the highest point:

The cat hates being worn.
According to Healthy Pets, a website dedicated to the welfare of pets, the cat does not appreciate being worn as a baby. Indeed, it generates in our feline a great stress which is all the more amplified if you hold it for a long time. Let him come to you and lie on your lap.

The cat does not like when it is photographed.
Having the flash constantly in the eyes is not a pleasure for a cat. It is clear that a picture taken with his cat is cute, but do not abuse his kindness.

The cat hates being looked straight in the eyes
Direct eye contact with a cat is considered by the cat as an aggression and a power of domination. The cat will take him as a threat and will be able to attack his master to defend himself. However, if he blinks, it means he does not feel threatened and will not be aggressive. But, better to pay attention because we all know, cats are unpredictable.

The cat hates when you imitate it with meowing.
The cat uses meowing as a means of communication with the human. Thus, it attracts the attention of its master for its needs in food, water, litter clean, games or cuddles. Meowing with her cat is of no use because the latter can not understand what is really required of her and therefore will only ignore the ridiculous meowing of her owner.

The cat hates being dressed
According to Wide Open Pets, the cat does not like to be dressed with its own fur and nothing else, moreover it only needs to warm up. However, if it is really necessary and if there is a valid reason, to dress it, it would be better if his clothes are not a brake for his mobility.

The cat is intolerant to milk
According to Cattime.com, many cats are lactose intolerant and the general idea that cats bear milk is a decoy. Indeed, the latter can cause them intestinal discomfort, even if they like the taste of this drink.

The cat hates change
The cat likes his little comfort and his little habits and does not like being jostled with changes like giving him another type of food, transporting him by car, taking him to the vet (even if necessary), or to receive guests; his stress is increased tenfold. Similarly, if you bring a small dog to keep your cat company and you think he'll be happy, you're wrong.

According to the Cat Health Network, changes should not be imposed on the cat in any way, but should be installed gently to help him acclimatize to the new situation and avoid stress exposure.

Our little traveling furs are dear to our eyes and we must do their best to help them feel comfortable, after all, cats are part of the family!
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