32-year-old Man Plays "Daddy" For His Girlfriend Who Lives Like A Child

32-year-old man plays "daddy"

Today, relationships exist in many forms and each type of relationship has its own characteristics. However, some relationships may take a rather odd form, and in this article we will expose the case of this DDLG couple where this 20 year old girl calls her boyfriend "daddy" and behaves like a 5 year old girl.

What is DDLG?
It's an acronym for a relationship of Daddy DominantvLittle Girl, which is a subset of the BDSM community (Bondage, Discipline, Sado-Masochism) that involves a partner playing the role of a little girl and another pretending to be her dad. Although it may be inter course, it is not a necessary condition.

An extraordinary couple
Johnny, 31, and Max, 20, from Kentucky, USA, are an extraordinary couple. Indeed, Max and Johnny have a DDLG relationship, where Max is the little girl and Johnny is his dad.

32-year-old man plays "daddy"

The relationship DDLG of this couple is non-inter course and is centered around a number of rules where for example Max can be punished by staying at the corner if she does not obey. Although DDLG involves acting like a child, Max insists that she is still a capable adult, paying her own bills and taxes.

In an interview with a local channel, Max explains how she entered DDLG and introduced this practice into her relationship with Max, happily showing off her vast collection of pacifiers. According to her, she never wants to grow up and claims to be only five years old.

32-year-old man plays "daddy"

The TV channel also followed the couple on a hike to the park like a little girl and her dad. Max frolicked like a little child while Johnny ran after her, and pushed her onto a swing and other games as she laughed.

According to Max, by discovering the DDLG community and learning more about her, she decided to try this practice and since then she loved, for her it reflects her personality.

She said that many people in the community do it for physical intimacy, but she is not that kind of person, it's a completely non-inter course lifestyle for her.

32-year-old man plays "daddy"

Johnny, meanwhile, said that when Max first talked to her about being part of the DDLG community, she had shown him the videos she was watching, the bottle and eating baby snacks. and that's where they got the conversation about it. Johnny also said that many people despise more hardcore versions of DDLG, but for many people, it's not physical intimacy.

Max then revealed how often she claims to be a little girl: "I'm a little girl most of the time, especially when we're at home and I'm relaxing with Johnny, I'm small when I want to be, I am small when it is good to be so. Of course, it's not something I can not control. If we are in public, I will not shout at random "dad" because that implies that other people will not accept. "

32-year-old man plays "daddy"

What is the point of this type of relationship?
While many people might wonder about Max and Johnny's interest in their DDLG relationship if it's not intercourse, Max explained that it's benevolence that comes with it.

"My dad takes care of me, but I also take care of him, and I think that kindness aspect of the relationship makes it really strong," Max said.

Max said that when she's a little girl, she has a huge set of rules, but the two main rules are not to make tantrums and not say "no to daddy", both of which she has. bad to respect.

She also added that she is very vulnerable and very open in a small space and that's where she wants to keep this because their house is a safe place and a place they share together.

32-year-old man plays "daddy"

To explain this lifestyle more simply, Johnny compared it to a coloring book, where Max draws the lines and to him fill them with the color he wants.

While it can not be denied that DDLG relationships are unusual, the important thing is that both parties are willing adults and happy to participate. Moreover, we would like to have your opinion on this subject, what do you think of this kind of relationship?
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