20 Rules Of Life Of Native Americans - "Do Not Ever Talk Bad About Others"

Native Americans, the first occupants of the land of America, have riches, rites and traditions that allow them to attain a spirituality that is constantly evolving, combined with empathic and measured wisdom. The majority of their traditional activities also inform us about the use of natural resources, their material culture and their way of life modeled on a certain symbiosis with their natural environment. Their principles of life can be meaningful for our perception and bring us important changes necessary for our personal evolution.

Reflecting, perceiving and acting wisely and a certain moral and mental latitude appear at first sight as an unattainable goal for most of us. In fact, in a world where the material aspect carves out a place for itself and where the culture of urgency develops, wisdom, empathy and spirituality seem to have a more than minimal place in our lives.

Yet, even though life may not be a long, quiet river, we all have real human potential just waiting to be developed as can be the case with Amerindians whose way of life and culture have undergone various mutations and ill-treatment by different settlements.

Why then, do not take them as an example and aspire to more wisdom and lucidity in our daily lives by continually developing our empathy, wisdom and spirituality.

20 Rules Of Life Of Native Americans - "Do Not Ever Talk Bad About Others"

Discover 20 rules of life for Native Americans to take as an example.

Get up with the sun and pray
Pray without ceasing and pray alone to cultivate the osmosis with the one who will hear your prayers and who is all willing to materialize them. In the meantime, the important thing is to be thankful for what you already have.

Be compassionate with those who have not found their way
Each of us thinks and reacts according to the universe of his own. So we have a world in us and for everyone, it's a different world. Let's make the effort to be compassionate and patient with those who seem to be different from us.

Find yourself
No one is in your place and nobody will ever be. It is up to you to evolve according to your own foundation and perception. This right belongs to you fundamentally and no one will live it or build in the same way as you.

Respect the people who enter your home
Treat those who come into your home exactly the same way you would like to be treated in theirs. Just give them everything you have best.

Never take what is not yours
Whether we're talking about an object, a person, or anything else, never take anyone or anything without being invited or having nobly deserved it.

Respect everything on Earth
Be it the others, the environment or even the animals, give them great respect exactly as you would like to be granted.

Respect the opinions of others
Allow anyone to be able to form their own opinion without prejudices, blame or mockery.

Never meditate on anyone
The negative energy you emit by slandering people will simply come back to you like a boomerang.

Forgive others
Be conciliatory with others by putting yourself in their place and forgiving them.

Practice optimism to maintain your health
Uncertain negative thoughts can have detrimental consequences on your health, both emotionally, mentally and physically.

Nature does not belong to us, it belongs to us
Nature is part of our life and keeps us alive. Respect her for all the wonders she offers us.

Children are our future
Allow them to grow with solid foundation by instilling self-love and others.

Avoid hurting the hearts of others
The pain inflicted on others can irretrievably turn against you.

Always tell the truth
Be honest and avoid lying, moreover the truth always ends up knowing.

Keep your balance
Fortifying one's body is like fortifying one's spirit and vice versa. Work constantly on your spiritual growth to heal your emotional wounds.

Take your responsibilities
Consider conscientiously and with great importance every consequence and every lesson you could learn from your actions.

Respect the privacy and personal space of others
As much as you would like them to do the same.

Be confident and take care of yourself
How do you want to take care of others if you do not start on your own?

Respect the religious beliefs of others
Each evolves with a faith and a belief that he has forged by basing himself on his own evolution and life experience. Respect this principle which refers you to your own beliefs.

Share your happiness
Share as much as you can with your happiness and success with others. You will only increase them tenfold.
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