15 Raw Birth Photos That Show The Sensitive Side Of Fathers

birth photos

Doubt, fear or anguish are not emotions felt by women during their pregnancy but by fathers too, who experience the same sensations and wait for the arrival of the baby with a mixture of impatience and fear. 'apprehension.

A father is less inclined to express his fears and worries about the pregnancy of his wife, yet many questions are pounding his mind whether it is about the health of the future baby and his mother, on his ability to be a good father, his power to keep calm during childbirth, the physical and mental change of his partner, the upheaval of his daily habits, the maintenance of a normal and fulfilling sex life with his partner and good other anxieties that torment him. But all his fears vanish at the sight of the vulnerable, harmless little head he holds between his arms to give way to excitement and joy.

These photos are a real representation of the emotional explosion, experienced by fathers whose story is told through these moving images ...

1. His dedication as a husband

This photo shows the father's presence alongside his wife to help and support her during the birth, despite the accident in Afghanistan.

2. His look of support

This is a picture on which the expression of the future dad is above all comment. He has a sympathetic look but full of messages of encouragement as to communicate with his partner in silence, telepathically.

3. The feeling of her pain

In this picture, the mother is in a phase of intense pain due to the contractions of deliverance. One feels the suffering of the husband who tries to transmit a real support to his wife to help him to support his ordeal.

4. His rage to conquer

This photo tells the story of a father worried and angry because his wife suffered for 20 hours and could not benefit from anesthesia, lack of availability of an anesthesiologist but also because he thinks of the distress of his wife who has already suffered three miscarriages before that. He is determined to win and help his wife to achieve this together.

5. His involvement

birth photos

This photo shows the involvement of the father who catches his son at birth in the water. We feel the connection of both parents in the process of childbirth.

6. His joy

We notice the joy of the father who arrives in time to hold his boy when he was born. It was a pure moment of happiness.

7. The discovery of the sex of the child

We find the joy of the discovery of the sex of the baby; this couple had made the choice not to know him before and it is the dad who announces it to his wife. A beautiful moving picture.

8. His emotion

This photo expresses the happiness of the dad who joined his mother in the hall to show her baby who had just born and announce with tears in his eyes, how perfect his daughter was.

9. His presence even during cesarean section

This photo shows the father's presence during the Cesarean section to support his wife and love her baby.

10. Their first contact

First direct contact between the father and the firstborn of the twins.

11. Their first conversation

Dad and baby during their first conversation.

12. His first childbirth in the water

This dad assisted his wife during her delivery in the water at home.

13. The stir caused by the birth of his second daughter

This moving picture shows a birth at home that made the total happiness of the couple tightening the body of their second daughter.

14. A moment of family happiness

It is the sixth umbilical cord that the father cuts, assisted by the midwife, during his home delivery; a family happiness assured.

15. His tears of joy

It has been several years since this couple was expecting a child. The happy event finally happened and this dad, with tears in his eyes, sported his little girl with pride but especially with a lot of joy and happiness.
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