This Woman Was Feeling Tired All The Time Because Of Her Gas Heater

Sometimes medicine is defeated and unable to diagnose a disease it can call mysterious. The patient suffers and accumulates medical visits to many doctors, X-rays of all kinds, blood tests but without a reliable diagnosis or adequate medical treatment.

This martyrdom was experienced by Kati Wilson, 41, who was the victim of a mysterious disease, unknown to doctors, which she suffered for 10 long years.

The painful reality of Kati

This Woman Was Feeling Tired All The Time Because Of Her Gas Heater

There is reason to imagine Kati's suffering during all these years as her physical condition deteriorated and her doctors gave her no satisfaction in diagnosing her illness. Her health deteriorated to the point where she struggled to walk and spent days sleeping, hoping to alleviate her fatigue. The perplexity of the doctors in the face of her illness made her even more anxious; she has become depressed.

But one day the solution to his illness was discovered, not by the progress of science and medicine but simply by two men, ordinary in a dusty van, who came to work in the bathroom of Kati.

Kati wanted to offer herself a sanctuary where she could relax and hope to reduce her fatigue. As a result, she called on a team of contractors to do the necessary work.

The team made the diagnosis of his bathroom and all the equipment to renovate, after which they decided to remove the old heater; at that moment, they made a surprising discovery. This radiator was installed incorrectly ten years ago, and its tank diffused toxic gas in small quantities throughout its house.

 gas heating

They did not hesitate to mention it to Kati, who, having put all the events of the past 10 years together, finally understood the reason for her fatigue and was able to make sense of all her symptoms. It is a toxic gas called carbon monoxide, called "CO" that was the cause of its harm, during all these years.

She was stunned by this discovery, made by two men in jeans, that even the most brilliant doctors could not do.

Today, after the repair of her boiler, Kati feels better and is on a good path of healing. She is back to life and just regrets not having met these two men, 10 years ago; she would not have lost all those years of her life. She would never thank them enough.

Danger of emanation of heating gas
It is imperative to know the dangers of the emission of the combustion gas from the heaters that spread throughout the home and that can be produced by any device using a combustible energy releasing carbon monoxide which is a toxic gas.
  • Carbon monoxide hazard "CO"
  • Carbon monoxide is not visible and does not feel, however, when it is breathed, it replaces the oxygen of the air.
Symptoms of inhalation of carbon monoxide
  • Headache
  • nausea
  • Tired
  • Fainting

Causes of the "CO" emanation

Appliances that operate with this fuel may release "CO" in the following cases:
  • A device not maintained
  • Poor ventilation of the room
  • A lack of sweeping
  • Non-compliant equipment
  • Preventative measures
 gas heating

To prevent a possible accident with carbon monoxide, there are detectors on the market, compliant with the standard that detect any trace of toxic gas in your home by emitting an audible signal.

In addition, it would be desirable to take additional precautionary measures, namely:
  • Ventilate your home daily.
  • Maintain all fuel appliances.
  • Do not block the vents.
  • Do not cover a heater.
  • Do not install a generator inside a dwelling.
What to do in case of intoxication?

In case of strong inhalation of carbon monoxide, it would be imperative to:
  • Disconnect the device concerned.
  • Ventilate the room and leave the premises if you have the possibility.
  • Prevent relief.
  • If the victim is conscious, install it near a window so that it breathes oxygen and put it in a lateral position.
If the victim is unconscious and does not breathe, practice resuscitation if you are qualified, otherwise wait for help.
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