Twin Sisters Born In 2010 Grew Up To Become "The World's Most Beautiful Twins"

Despite their young age, Leah Rose and Ava Marie Clements have managed to captivate Instagram for their distinctive beauty, to the point of being named "the most beautiful binoculars of the world". Thanks to their singularity, these two little sisters have become the protagonists of different children's fashion campaigns.

We are talking about twins when two individuals result from a single pregnancy. The monozygotic twins come from the same sperm and the same ovum. Shortly after the formation of the zygote, it divides giving birth to two identical embryos. The monozygotic twins have the same DNA, the same sex and their appearance is almost identical.

Twin sisters born in 2010 grew up

Surprising facts about identical twins:

Countless myths exist about the relationship that develops between twins. They say they can develop nearly equal parallel lives, feel each other's pain as if it were theirs.

The identical twins are not completely identical:
Although they are called "identical" twins, they are not really all the same. They share a lot of their genetic material, but not 100%. According to a survey of the University of Alabama in Birmingham, USA, the number of genes that form parts of DNA, may differ.

They have different fingerprints:
Because the twins are alike, you might think they also have the same fingerprints. However, when they are formed, each of them will have their own fingerprints.

They create their own language:
It's actually the result of both babies growing up together, so it can also happen in children who are not twins. This happens when children learn to speak, so they help each other and eventually come up with their own words, to describe their surroundings.

Some twins are "literally" the "reflection" of the other:
About 25% of twins develop as if they were facing each other, that is, if one is right-handed, the other will be left-handed; if one has a birthmark on the right leg, the other will have one identical and in the same place, only on the left leg.

Eating more dairy products could increase the likelihood of conceiving twins:
An analysis by Gary Steinman, a Long Island Jewish medical specialist, found that eating more dairy products would increase the chances of conceiving twins. This was determined after comparing the numbers of twins born to mothers who were vegan and those conceived by mothers with a normal diet. Thus, he concluded that women who consume dairy products would be up to five times more likely to have identical twins.

The twins do not have telepathic powers:
It is common for people to think that somehow twins have a special ability to communicate with each other. It's just a myth because it has never been proven that they are mentally connected in a special way. What could cause this confusion is that when children grow up so attached, perfectly understanding each other, they are able to know how to react and communicate with him without speaking.

Identical sisters born in 2010 have grown to become "the most beautiful twin girls in the world"!

They were born in 2010 and since then, they have deeply attracted the attention of those who know them. They are Leah Rose and Ava Marie, two little sisters who, since their birth, have been praised for their striking and angelic beauty.

Twin sisters born in 2010 grew up

Jaqi was already a mother of a child when she learned that she was pregnant again ... and twins. Her pregnancy was full of surprises and her daughters were born a month earlier than expected. From that moment, Jaqi began to share pictures of her girls in social networks, which gradually began to become viral.

Twin sisters born in 2010 grew up

However, it is only in 2017 that this mom decided to follow the recommendations of her friends and start their modeling career. "It was July 7, 2017 and they were 7 years old. I thought it was the signal I needed, "says the mother on the binoculars blog.

In just a few months, girls have gathered 200,000 followers on Instagram and are considered the most beautiful twins in the world. "I'm happy to be their mother and see that they are happy in front of the cameras," their mother concludes.
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