This Teenager Accidentally Dies Live On Instagram As Friends Watch

Although parents lay firm boundaries for their teenagers, they are constantly trying to cross them and take risks, sometimes with very serious consequences. Moreover, social networks represent another perspective for this affront to authority, as evidenced by the challenges on the Internet, increasingly dangerous.

Dangerous challenges on social media:

Sites like YouTube, Facebook or Instagram have the potential to broadcast to a wide audience, information and news items. As a result, weird, scary and horrible videos attract a lot of Internet users, especially teenagers who are often tempted not only to watch but to test some unusual tricks. For example, two challenges that have proven to be very dangerous have been posted on YouTube.

One is called the "sticky tape challenge" where a person is stuck to a piece of furniture or the ceiling and then has to try to escape. In one particular case, a teenager fell and hit his head. Subsequently, he suffered a post-traumatic aneurysm.

Another challenge is to swallow a large amount of cinnamon, without drinking water in parallel. It does not sound too scary? Think again, a four-year-old boy trying this and ended up choking and dying. Cinnamon can cause life-threatening breathing problems when consumed excessively.

As a parent, it's hard to think that your child can do such a thing. However, do not ignore these frightening trends, discuss them with your children, making them aware of the serious consequences of these acts.

The story of a challenge that went wrong:

Malachi Hemphill, a 13-year-old American teenager, died after accidentally fired a bullet with a weapon. He was live in front of his friends on Instagram.

Monday, April 10, after taking out the trash, Malachi appeared on Instagram live, handling a gun. Her mother, Shaniqua Stephens, later learned that one of her "followers" had insinuated that the gun was not loaded. To undeceive him, and to impress his spectators, the young teenager triggered the fire by mistake while trying to reload his weapon.

Malachi was found on the floor by his mother and sister, who broke the door of his room after hearing a loud roar.

"My daughter screamed and said, Mom, turn off your phone. When I looked at his phone, I saw he was doing a live Instagram, "says the mother.

The child was taken to a nearby hospital but died shortly thereafter. Several acquaintances of the minor, having become involuntary witnesses of the tragedy, immediately went home.

"There were about 40 or 50 children posted outside. I think they are the ones watching him live, "says the mother, adding that she does not know where he got the gun. She supposes that a friend could have given it to her.

"He was my only son ... The image of seeing him lying on the floor will never leave my memory," she laments.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), the family and local police say his death was not a suicide but an accident, the authorities are still studying how Malachi got the gun and why the gun went is triggered.

"He did not commit suicide," said one family member, "He loved life, he played with a gun and it started."

It should be noted that networks are a source of discomfort for teenagers, causing a mental disturbance that results in anxiety, a disturbance of sleep or even depression. Parents should remain vigilant about allowing children to connect to these networks and should be alert to any suspicious events surrounding their teenagers as the notion of dangers to certain trends, such as These challenges are not always understood, which can lead to serious accidents.

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