This Mom Of 8 Children Suddenly Loses Her Husband

Life brings us many surprises, moments of happiness and joy but it can also bring us lots of tragedies and tragedies. Unfortunately, this was the case for Cloe Green, who suddenly lost her husband and father to her 8 children. Finding herself a widow overnight, this woman of courage had to take the mourning of the love of her life and the psychological care of her children who had just lost their father.

A perfect family

Cloe, 27, and James Green, 31, have always dreamed of being surrounded by children and building a big family. After exchanging their vows, they fulfilled their desire by having five children in turn and agreed that this was enough for their happiness. They decided to put in place contraception, which did not have the desired effect since they had three more children. They only became happier and took these events as a kind of heavenly gift.

James was an exemplary father, committed to his family, and worked hard to support the household while Cloe was full-time educator for the eight children and housekeeping. They simply lived in perfect harmony and nothing mattered more than the interest and happiness of their family.

This mom of 8 children suddenly loses her husband

It is during one night and only a few weeks after having his last child, that the drama occurs. Cloe realized that her husband was not breathing and that he had probably been the victim of an attack to which she tried to react by performing a cardiac massage while waiting for help, without much success. James had just died at the age of just 31, leaving Cloe in despair, announcing to their flock of children that their loving, loving father was no longer and would not be coming back. It was a huge loss for the family and the entourage of it.

Cloe found herself a widow having to find solutions to raise her eight children alone and without means of subsistence since James was financially responsible for the household. Not to mention the infinite sadness and distress she felt at having lost the one she loved so much overnight, without being able to say goodbye to him.

Cloe was quickly overtaken by reality and especially by the fact that she had eight children to support having themselves lost a pillar: their father. She went to the obvious that she must at all costs, continue to raise her children in the best conditions and try to face the mourning in the healthiest possible way.

Mourning your spouse and father of his children

Like Chloe, thousands of women experience the tragedy of mourning by finding themselves widowed by the loss of their spouse or husband and father of their children. Not only do these women experience the loss of a loved one, if not the love of their lives, but they must also face and bear the pain of their child (ren) who lose at the same time, a parent. And all this, continuing to raise them and contribute to the financial burden of the home.

When the spouse or husband dies, daily life seems to become an endless series of roller coasters. Women end up with all the problems that come with maintaining the house, not to mention the additional authority they have to put in place with their children by fighting a battle at every level, with their grieving process. and their new status as widows.

Chloe Green has demonstrated a real show of courage and determination for the benefit of her children and in memory of her missing husband at only 31 years old.
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