This Mom Loses Custody Of Her Children Because Of Something You Probably Did

As parents, you are probably doing everything you can to make sure your children are safe, healthy and loved. And people who are ready to tell you the best way to do things are not lacking. So who are you listening to? Every parent is terrified of making a mistake. Not only for the big things, but also the small ones, because they can have terrible consequences like the story of this mother who lost the guard of her children because she slept with them in the same bed.

This Mom Loses Custody Of Her Children Because Of Something You Probably Did

Sleeping with children in the same bed

While some parents are not embarrassed, others find that sleeping next to a child means having nudges in the face and kicking all night, which does not promote a good night's sleep. There is also the fact that letting children sleep in your bed can also affect your relationship with your partner.

At present, most child development specialists, even those who previously opposed co-sleep, take a middle stance on a family policy that sleeps together. Most now admit that this choice must be made by you, taking into account the needs of your own family and the cultural context. Make sure you make an informed decision about what you are going to do if you let your child start or continue to share your bed.

Proponents of the family bed emphasize the historical precedent established for this practice in many cultures. The children shared a bed with their parents all over the world for centuries. Some breastfeeding mothers find it easier to have their child nearby for nighttime feedings with minimal sleep interruption for the mother and child. Some parents believe that it is cruel to isolate a child by putting him alone in bed at night. Others simply feel that children experience a greater sense of security and well-being by sleeping close to their mother and father.

However, for an English mom, sleeping in the same bed with her children has had serious consequences and a tragic end.

The nightmare of a mother

For a mother from Cambridgeshire, England, this nightmare came true after doing something that most parents probably did.

The mother, who remains anonymous, has lost custody of her two young children, and this for neglecting a recurring advice, which is the fact of not sleeping with children in the same bed.

Social workers raised concerns after seeing bruises on both children. They then advised both parents to stop letting their children sleep in the family bed, but they did not follow the advice.

The family was already subject to a supervision order after appearing in court for an injury to the older child. After seeing injuries in the young child, social services had no choice but to go further.

The judge said he believes the bruises are unintentional, but they are still caused by excessive force and brutal manipulation by both parents during co-sleep. The youngest boy had bruises and a broken wrist when he was only a few months old.

The mother was considered not to be "an honest and reliable witness" after suggesting that the child's bruising was from the older child, but the judge concluded that the injuries are more likely to be caused by the sudden and energetic manipulation of the mother during co-sleep.

The case is a little strange, because the judge says he has no doubt that this mother loves her children and continues to say that she does not intentionally hurt her children, but he says she continues to sleep with them in the same bed. Despite the repeated advice of social workers.

The children were both abducted from their parents and put up for adoption. The cause was the fact that parents have been warned by professionals since the birth of their first child not to allow children to co-sleep with them, but they have not followed the instructions.

It's horrible for the mother to lose custody of her children, and is that deserved or do you find that decision excessive? What do you think ?
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