This Man Invented An Economical Air Conditioner With Bottles That Everyone Can Do

Summer brings its share of benefits and is probably the best season for many activities, but it can also have drawbacks such as stifling heat, especially in some areas of the world where temperatures are reaching highs. Escaping it becomes a priority for many, something that sometimes pushes the most creative minds to consider incredibly clever alternatives, which was the case for this man from Bangladesh.

economic air conditioner

Modest means but very efficiencent

Most homes in rural Bangladesh are pewter huts with internal temperatures in excess of 46 ° C during the summer months. That's why Gray Dhaka has developed an innovative solution to make life easier for area residents in the summer.

With just a piece of cardboard covered with equidistant holes and recycled plastic bottles, Gray has been able to develop an "ecological cooler" that he believes can cool hot air in the summer. The bottles used to compress the fresh air in the same way as your mouth when you put your lips in "O" tight.

economic air conditioner

He explains that this simple process of air ducting in full motion can effectively cool a home over 12 ° C. Mr. Dhaka's partner at Grameen Intel Social Business, Abdullah Al Mamun, explains the reason for creating this eco-cooler.

An invention for altruistic purposes

Abdullah says, "Since most rural houses in Bangladesh are made of corrugated iron, this Eco-Cooler has the power to relieve millions of Bangladeshis and we sincerely hope that this volunteer effort will make a difference in their lives. "

economic air conditioner

While waiting for the appearance of a scientific publication on the invention, some of Bangladais have eagerly installed the Eco-Cooler at home. They can now sleep better and live more comfortably because they enjoy more freshness.

According to "Grameen Intel Social Business", so far this cooling system has been installed in the villages of Nilphamari, Daulatdia, Paturia, Modonhati and Khaleya. And as this cooler is created from materials that are often available in abundance and are easily accessible, it has solved heat problems in areas that do not have electricity.

economic air conditioner

Some recommendations in case of heat wave

As you probably already know, it is not only in the underdeveloped countries or the less favored regions that the heat is threatening, because everywhere in the world, the heat wave can represent a real threat to the health of the populations. To protect yourself, here are some tips to consider.

Wear light and light colored clothing preferably

In summer, it is better to focus on loose clothing that will allow you to have maximum comfort and that will not impede your blood circulation. This will also give you the benefit of reducing the risk of sweating and you will feel less warm.

Avoid going out at certain times of the day

At times when the heat is in full swing, ie between noon and 16h, it is recommended not to expose yourself to the sun. See this as an opportunity for you to rest or spend time with your family.

Drink as much water as possible

Water is an essential element in many processes that are part of the functioning of our body, be it breathing, sweating or blood circulation. Sweating is one of the first signs that our body needs more water, so do not forget to drink even if you are in an air-conditioned room. Knowing that it is advisable, in normal times, that an individual consumes an average of 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day but during periods of high heat, this quantity can go up to 3 or even 4 liters per day. Also note that children and the elderly are more vulnerable to dehydration and should drink small amounts of water on a regular basis.

Avoid sweating too much

In summer, you know that the slightest physical effort leads to perspiration, knowing that your body will bear even less heat in case of sweating. It is also not recommended to consume alcohol, spices or any exciting drink.

Have a suitable diet

The diet, like the rest, should be adapted to changes in temperature, so opt for a diet consisting of fruits and vegetables rich in water such as cucumber, tomato, watermelon, etc. Except for people with diarrhea.

Just as this Bangladeshi man did, we hope to see other enlightened minds thinking about the well-being of the poorest, because although everyone suffers the impact of bad weather whose heat, those in need remain the most vulnerable.
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