This Little Boy Is Intimidated At School Because Of His Red Hair

No parent likes to think that their child is being bullied; but the fact is that more than half of children are involved, whether as perpetrators, victims or witnesses. If your child is being bullied, here's what to do.

Bullying is repeated behavior, usually between children with unequal power, which is intended to cause physical or psychological harm. This is likely to have other negative consequences for the victim. Bullying itself can take many forms: physical coercion, hostile teasing, emotional intimidation, or harassment via the Internet.

How to spot signs of bullying
Your child may tell you he is being bullied. For example, he might say that other children tease him, make fun of him, belittle him, ignore him or threaten him.

If your child does not say anything but you are worried, here are some signs to watch out for:

Physical signs:
  • Bruises, cuts and scratches
  • Torn clothes
  • Having trouble eating or sleeping
  • Wet the bed
  • Complaints about headaches or stomachaches

Requests for money or other items: The bully may demand money or things like treats from your child.

School problems - Your child:

Do not want to go to school anymore
Stay close to teachers during breaks
Start to sit alone
Has difficulty asking questions or answering questions in class
Stop taking part in school activities.

Social changes
Your child could avoid the social events he used to participate in, such as holidays. You may also notice that he loses contact with his classmates after school.

Emotional changes
Your child may seem unusually anxious, nervous, upset, unhappy, depressed, angry, withdrawn and secretive.

Tips to follow if your child is intimidated:

Listen to what your child has to say
Being a good listener is an important part of your role when your child is bullied. One of the best questions you can ask your child is, "What can I do to be helpful?" When your child tells you what's going on, even if it hurts to listen, be open and able to to hear what he has to say. Try to be positive but neutral when he speaks.

Encourage your child to react
Bullies choose children who get angry and take teasing to heart. They are also looking for children who do not stand up, or who can master. It's important to teach your child how to respond.

Find something your child is really good at doing
Help your child feel good about himself by finding something he can do well. Choose activities in which he is good and motivate him verbally.

Speak with teachers and educational staff
Your child is harassed by his classmates, so it's time to have a discussion with his teachers who are able to stop this kind of bullying. They will know how to explain to the stalkers the seriousness of their behavior and the consequences that result from it.

A 3-year-old is intimidated by his red hair - his reaction will break your heart

Laura Russell is the mother of a three-year-old boy named Noah Gilbert. She chose to share her experience on Facebook to warn other parents.

Laura and her two children usually take the bus, and that day all three were on their way to school. Teens who were also there started commenting on Noah's hair color and making comments like, "If my son had red hair, I will kill him" and "They should bring people with red hair to social services ". They even called him ugly.

Noah quickly realized that they were talking about him and asked his mother why his hair was horrible instead of blond like his brother's. He even asked her to change the color of her hair so that people could love her. In front of the sadness of her son and his dismay, the mother tried to make him understand that his hair was really beautiful but she did not manage to convince him.

In the face of so much malice, Laura posted a Facebook post to raise awareness about bullying. Here is part of his moving commentary: "It is never right for anyone to discriminate against someone else over things over which they have no control, be it religion, sexual orientation, or physical attributes. Whether you have black or red hair, brown or blue eyes, white or black skin, whether you are small or tall, you should accept what you have and never be ashamed.This Little Boy Is Intimidated At School Because Of His Red Hair
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