This Little Baby Was Rejected By His Parents At Birth

The birth of a child is often synonymous with happiness, renewal and construction of the future. 9 months of waiting, preparation and joy. So, when a baby is born prematurely or has a disability or a malformation, all this joy can just go up in smoke.

Certainly, some malformations of varying severity or genetic disorders can be detected during pregnancy but some are only discovered at birth and sometimes the parents' reaction can be unpredictable or even incomprehensible. One can even witness a pure and simple rejection of the newborn having yet, nothing asked.
This little baby was rejected by his parents at birth

That's what happened to this little girl who was rejected and then abandoned by her parents only two weeks after birth. When Mamata and Ajay Dode, both 25 years old and from western India, were preparing to have their first child, they did not expect their daughter to be born prematurely rare skin making it very wrinkled. In any case, there was no indication during Mamata's pregnancy that there was a possibility that this would happen.

Premature birth, rejection of family and parents

Mamata and Ajay's grandchild was born prematurely after the 24th week of pregnancy. Having survived, she had a skin disorder presumably linked to a genetic abnormality. It was faded and very wrinkled.

This little baby was rejected by his parents at birth

When they returned to Maharashtra their village in western India, after the birth of the baby, the neighbors and friends of Mamata and Ajay learned the strange appearance of the baby and began to blame and criticize the family. The villagers avoided the Dodes, and those who saw the newborn refused to hold him or even fled for fear of contracting the same disease. Unfortunately, instead of having support and understanding, the Dodes were confronted with humiliation and exclusion.

This little baby was rejected by his parents at birth

The little girl who had not yet been given a name was simply neglected and rejected by her parents who could not stand the fact that their daughter looked so different and did not even bother to feed her.

Grandfather's intervention

His grandfather Dilip, finding the situation totally unfair and revolting, tried to communicate with the parents about this unacceptable situation, but without success. Parents simply did not want a baby with an illness and family disgrace.

The grandfather was well aware that it was not the little girl's fault if she was born that way, she simply did not ask for anything, he was an innocent and fragile being and it was out of the question that he too abandons him because of his illness. So he decided to take care of her by feeding her with goat's milk until she recovered her strength before he took her to the hospital in Mumbai where she was born.

This little baby was rejected by his parents at birth

Touched by the case of the little girl, the hospital agreed to cover the medical expenses and even provided accommodation to Dilip, while the medical team was busy determining the precise cause of the baby's wrinkled skin. It was found that the disease in the girl was related to a chromosomal abnormality or intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR).

Thanks to the generosity of the grandfather of the little girl and the compassionate caregivers of the hospital, she was saved while receiving fully treated treatment. Let's hope to grow in love and acceptance.

This little baby was rejected by his parents at birth

Abandonment can be experienced as a traumatism, a wound that heals with difficulty for the person who suffers it. The birth of a child should and is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful days of an entire existence. A child is born of the love of his parents and he should benefit from it a lifetime, whatever his physical condition or the cultural or moral context.
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