This Is Kolinda, The Croatian President Who Won Our Hearts During The World Cup

From a modest background, nothing predestined Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović to become the first female Croatian Minister of Foreign Affairs in 2005, US ambassador to Washington in 2008 and then President of Croatia in 2015, becoming the first woman to perform this function in the country. And it was during the final of the World Cup that she was particularly distinguished by her behavior marked by conviviality, simplicity and patriotism.

The final of the World Cup, which took place on July 15 in Moscow, Russia, was experienced by all players, viewers and viewers around the world as a moment particularly rich in emotions, twists and joy not to say euphoria.

Among the spectators, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović, President of Croatia, came to watch the Croatian selection matches at the World Cup. On the night of the final, she showed unfailing support to the team members of her country, alongside the couple Macron having themselves moved to the benefit of the France team, and Vladimir Putin, leader of state hosting the World Cup.

the Croatian President

A President in all simplicity
Kolinda would not have missed this international competition under any circumstances. Moreover, to attend the matches of her team, the Croatian President took a leave of absence without pay and she herself paid for her plane ticket in economy class, feeling no compulsion to "melt into the mass" to to go to Moscow and thus be able to encourage his team to show him his unwavering support. A practice far removed from those used by its international counterparts.

Fair play and class after the defeat of his team

The Croatian team will have managed to reach the final of the World Cup. However, she was beaten by France (4-2) and the photos of the supportive president, showing her encouragement and enthusiasm towards her team, have just been around the world.

Even the rain, falling heavily on the Russian capital that night, will not have disturbed the excitement and enthusiasm of Kolinda who continued to show presence and fervor until the end of the match.

After a few tears after the defeat of his team, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic followed with a smile, wearing a fair play and an exemplary class, Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin until the locker room of the French players after the match and took warmly congratulate them on their victory.

Complicity with the Macron couple
Those who have benefited the most during the match, the sympathy and friendliness of Kolinda, it is indeed the couple Macron to whom it was not stingy of hugs and hugs in the presidential tribunes as well as in the field.

Finally, Kolinda literally stole the show from her team which she proudly wore the jersey and she did not fail to tenderly comfort as it should. She will have shown a real example of patriotism and simplicity and will have invariably marked the spirits.

the Croatian President

One of the most powerful women in the worldcup
Little known outside of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović is ranked 39th on the list of the famous Forbes Magazines and was elected in January 2015 against outgoing Social Democrat President Ivo Josipovic after six years of serious economic crisis. Formerly the first foreign minister as a woman, she is also the first president of her country, who has just celebrated her 27th birthday. No doubt a bright future is looming for Kolinda.
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