This Boy Is Growing His Hair To Offer To Children With Cancer

Unlike intelligence and physical attractiveness, which depends largely on genetics, empathy is a skill that children learn. Its value is multiple. Children and adolescents who have the most empathy are considered leaders by their peers. Moreover, the action carried out by this boy of 8 years testifies widely!

This Boy Is Growing His Hair To Offer To Children With Cancer

Empathy in children
Infants sometimes show behavior closer to true empathy. When a 2-year-old sees his mother crying, he can offer him a toy with which he plays or a biscuit he nibbles. He gives his mother something that is good for him when he is in pain. However, it is not clear that the boy understands exactly what his mother feels.

When this boy is about 4 years old, he begins to associate his emotions with the feelings of others. So when a child says he has a stomachache, some 4-year-olds can comfort him. Others, to the dismay and horror of parents and teachers, will walk on the boy and hit him in the stomach.

Yet, in each case, the healthy boy demonstrates empathy for the sick. The aggressive boy does not know what to do with the skills he has developed. The other child's pain makes him uncomfortable. Instead of running away or rubbing his stomach, as he might have done a year ago, he feels frustrated and unleashed.

Teach empathy
The way parents show their own empathy, though, may be more important than anything they say. If the three-year-old is making fun of someone and you are publicly shouting at him and you say he should not embarrass others, you are working against yourself. Instead, explain to him gently why what he said can make this person feel uncomfortable. Ask him if he has ever felt bad because of something someone said.

When a child is about 5 years old, he can learn empathy by talking about hypothetical problems. "How would you feel if someone took you a toy? How would your friend feel if someone took him a toy? By the time a child is 8 years old, they can grasp more complex moral decisions in which they must realize that someone else's feelings may be different from their own.

Moreover, the story of this 8 year old boy demonstrates the incredible power of empathy in children when it is well inculcated from a young age!

The incredible decision of this boy

One day, in the state of Maryland, USA, Thomas Moore saw his mother watching a video on Facebook that showed a girl who had lost her hair because of cancer. When he asked his mom what it meant, she explained to him what was causing the girl's hair loss. At that moment, Thomas had an idea. The 8-year-old decided to start growing her hair to make wigs for children who had lost theirs to chemotherapy, and that's what he did. During two years.

This Boy Is Growing His Hair To Offer To Children With Cancer

And as you can see in the photos below, the boy let his hair grow that was very thick. In fact, when he finished his project, Thomas had enough hair to make three wigs. After cutting her hair, her aunt, Amber Ray, posted a before / after photo on Twitter, and she has since been shared over 57,000 times and loved by more than 110,000 people who were undoubtedly astonished by this awesome kid.

This Boy Is Growing His Hair To Offer To Children With Cancer

What is extraordinary is that Thomas did not let the naughty comments of children at school discourage him from his goal. He stood upright and let his hair grow so that he could help those children going through difficult times. It's pretty amazing to see someone so young have so much desire, empathy and a dream for two years, a reality.

This Boy Is Growing His Hair To Offer To Children With Cancer

If you are looking for a reason to get up and change someone's life, this story will surely motivate you to do so by taking the example of the will of this courageous and empathic boy. Feel free to share the beautiful story of Thomas if you are touched by his generosity!
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