17 Things To Stop When You're A Mature Person

We would like to live in a perfect world without turbulence or worry about the future. Only what we actually experience throughout our life is sometimes the opposite of what we want. Indeed, existence can prove to be a perfect obstacle course where stress, anxiety, worry and distrust of others are easily accommodated.

Life can not be a quiet river. We all go through hardships, questioning and infinite existential questions. Between difficulties and sacrifices, or separations and betrayals, the anxiety and the stress related to it can take a big place in our life. But life is also a reflection of our actions and our perception. Here are 12 things you should stop doing when you are a mature person.

17 Things To Stop When You're A Mature Person

Give importance to what others think
In order to live in perfect harmony with yourself, you should stop taking into consideration what others may think of you. When you are constantly paying attention to what you think of yourself and what is said about you, you are not living for yourself anymore, but for others.

Think about being right about everything
In life, each opinion is relative and is based on an experience or principles of life specific to each. So obviously, you will not be able to be constantly right on all the topics because we are all different and we all base our own judgment.

Want to have a perfect body
Trying to follow the image of a perfect body is a utopia. Each person is beautiful in its own way especially when it is unique. Learn to love your body as it is because you can not change much!

Wear high heels or sneakers
Wearing high heels or sneakers does not condition your personality. If you are one or the other, this is your own style or just circumstances. Wear what you want when you want, it's all about you!

Stay frozen in the past
The past is the past and by no means can it be changed. Staying constantly frozen is a real stressor and anxiety. Instead, focus on the present moment to build your future.

Stealing gossip
Life is already complicated enough to pass on to others. Cultivate tolerance because you would not like it to be the same with you. The gossip is like mud thrown against a wall. She does not stay, but she leaves a trace.

Request the approval of others
You can very well ask for and take into account advice, however, do not systematically wait for the approval of others to act. Take responsibility for your life.

Maintain toxic relationships
Make sure to maintain a certain limit and distance with the toxic people that are wasting your time. You will not get any added value, only anxiety and more.

Be afraid of failure
A failure is rather difficult, but it still allows you to learn a lesson, to rise and cultivate your determination.

Obligatory night out on Friday night
Friday night is not necessarily synonymous with night out or party until the end of the night. You can very well enjoy it just to relax.

Be a star of Facebook and Instagram
Do not become a slave to social networks. It is perfectly normal to share a publication or photos of your holidays but certainly not at all and for any pretext and this, only in order to win likes or increase the number of your "friends".

Complain about what you do not have
Do you find that grass is always greener elsewhere? What do you think of those who say the same thing about you? Certainly, there will always be people who will have a better situation than you and others worse than yours. Do you feel happy about what you have.

Indulge in revenge
Do not waste your energy on revenge. This is strictly for nothing and only allows you to lower yourself to the level of your detractors.

To worry about the future
Do you know what is the future? No ... So no need to make assumptions that are mostly illusory and only amplify your anxiety. Positize!

Being materialistic
If money made happiness, it would be known for a long time! It certainly makes life easier but by no means makes you happy. So be thankful for what you have and do not focus on what you are missing.

Look good enough for people
Is there a specific rule on how to behave or to be accepted by others? Focus on your own well-being because all your energy is not enough.

Recreate situations
What is done is done ! What is the use of inventing another scenario to situations already experienced? 
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