The Technique Of This Teacher To Fight Against Bullying In Schools Is Perfect

Bullying in schools is a major problem manifested by negative verbal, psychological or physical behavior by a child or group of children against another child or groups of children, which is repeated over time. . Several policies are applied to limit this scourge but unfortunately they often lack effectiveness. However, this teacher thinks she has found the right solution to fight against bullying in schools.

The effects of bullying

Many children who are bullied or harassed are afraid to express themselves. They are afraid of retaliation if they tell someone about it. Reports have shown that the more young people grow up, the less they talk to someone about it. They become more and more isolated, suffer from depression, and in extreme cases, can harm themselves or try to commit suicide.

The Technique Of This Teacher To Fight Against Bullying In Schools Is Perfect

Signs of intimidation
  • Afraid to go to school
  • Deterioration of school work, inability to concentrate
  • Resigned behavior
  • Depression
  • Loss of trustworthy
  • Reluctance to go out
  • Lack of money
  • Torn clothes, broken glasses, missing school books
  • Repeated signs of bruising and wounds

Bullying can occur at any age, in any environment, and can be long or short term.

The state, parents, teachers and students are sometimes helpless in the face of harassment. What works for one school or student may not work for another. It is important to try different methods to see which ones work best in each situation.

A fifth-grade teacher has found a solution that works for her class, and it's also very effective for teachers who have tried it.

A particular method

Kathy Pitt, who teaches at Sea Gate Elementary School in Naples, Florida, uses index cards and lets students tell her anonymously who is being bullied. What is incredible is that students do not even realize that they are bullying.

The method of this teacher to fight against bullying in schools is perfect

This teacher distributes cards at the beginning of the class each week. She asks students to write the names of the children they want to sit with, who to play with, or just who they feel closest to, and she reads each card after the class. Some children write different names each time, others write the same names, and some children do not write anything at all.

Know the students who do not bully

This method tells Kathy who are the children most likely to be intimidated by other students. She believes that most children do not want to be bullies and do not even realize that they exclude other children and make them feel bad. Although children do not put their names on the cards, she can always know which card comes from which child.

After reading the cards and having an idea of how things are going in the classroom, she can then talk to the children about their feelings, pair them with other classmates to help them make friends and share their experiences. open, so she keeps an eye on them to know when something is wrong.

An effective method
Kathy says she's been using this method for years, and she's completely confident in it. She even shares the method with other teachers and parents who are interested in trying it on their own children or who are curious about how it works.

Kathy explained that she had the idea of distributing the cards, to know which children were bullying their classmates and which children did not.

Glennon Doyle Melton, one of the moms, came to the classroom to learn more about the math homework of one of her children. She noticed the method used by the teacher and found it very useful and innovative. She hopes that this method can help in the future to stop bullying in all classes.

According to Kathy, so far so good. She has been using this method since 1999 and says that children have responded well.

Finally, his main goal is to help children get along and break the ice between them so they can give each other a chance.

After using this method for a few weeks, Kathy finds that most children become friends and that bullying and harassment cease. By having these children open up to each other at a young age, they are less likely to intimidate each other as they grow up. Kathy plans to continue her method hoping to help more children in the future.

Do not hesitate to share this very ingenious method to fight against bullying in schools!
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