12 Signs That Someone Is Jealous Of You

During our life and for all kinds of reasons, we may be confronted with enmities and different forms of jealousy. The following signs prove it.

Whether because of our accomplishments, our physical appearance, a promotion, or even our efforts, everything can be an excuse to be jealous of us! Being jealous can be embarrassing and distressing and in some cases it can disrupt our way of life, although we all know that there will always be people jealous of us.

Jealousy is a feeling we all can feel, only in some people, it can be expressed in an unpleasant way to others, even though this emotion can be difficult to detect in some cases. It can come from work colleagues, friends, or even members of our family. Discover these 12 signs that will help you guess that someone is probably jealous of you.

12 Signs That Someone Is Jealous Of You

1They are show up false compliments
It is well known that when you have just received a promotion or some reward, some people can reward you with some insincere praise, the aim being not to show you any form of jealousy while it is good to what you are dealing with!

2. They try to minimize your achievements
Jealous people will always find excuses for your successes. They will invent an entirely different meaning by using allegations away from reality, to try to discredit you by refusing to admit that you are simply better than them.

3. Jealous people show their success more than reason
The jealous people who often suffer from an inferiority complex, instead of using a rather humble behavior, will rather be egocentric in order to show their faint successes ...

4. They give you bad advice deliberately
A jealous person may intentionally and naturally give you false advice, such as to sabotage your attempts and efforts or simply to discourage you and see you fail what they are not able to achieve.

5. Jealous people imitate you
Whatever you do, someone jealous will try to take your example to reach your height. Even if it proves to be mediocre, he will try at all costs to imitate you.

6. They compete with you
A jealous person will constantly compete with you especially if it is in the professional setting. She will try to outdo you in every possible way.

7. They criticize you at all levels
The people who constantly criticize you or do low masses about you not far from you are just jealous. They will always find fault with you whatever you do, simply because they can not go beyond you ...

8. They celebrate your failures
A jealous person will be satisfied with your failures or mistakes, especially in the professional context. She will not hesitate to rejoice in silence of your disfavor even if it is not really question.

9. Jealous people are absent during your moments of success
The last thing anybody who is jealous of you would do is to attend any celebration of yours. She would not endorse it in any way and would be deeply hurt to help witness any of your successes.

10. They will talk in your back
Someone of jealousy will not dare to tell you the opposite, he will prefer to criticize you in the shade by spreading gossip and other gossip against you.

11. They will humiliate you in public
A person of jealousy will do everything to surpass you by wanting to put forward some form of superiority. And it can even go through humiliation and in public if possible, to reduce your credibility to nothing!

12. They will hate you for nothing
Someone who is jealous of you may also have a venomous side and indulge in gratuitous wickedness because he hates you for being better and more valuable in all things!

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