8 Reasons Why Women Prefer Older Men

The age difference in couples is far more widespread than you think! According to a report published by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies, 8% of French couples have an age difference of more than 10 years. But when we take a closer look at the couples we meet, we notice that men are often older than their partners. Here are the reasons why women go out with older men.

Eh yes ! Love has no age ! And when he settles in our heart, nothing and no one in the world can separate us from the beloved. It is enough to observe those couples who live in absolute happiness despite their age difference to understand that age is only a number that has no connection with the intensity of love feelings between two people. In this article, we share with you the 8 main reasons why women prefer their Jules to be older than them.

8 Reasons Why Women Prefer Older Men

1- Mature men are more experienced and more cultured:
One of the main reasons women raise when asked why they prefer older men is: "Mature men have more experience and more culture than young people". And these women are not wrong! Because when a man goes through several emotional and professional experiences, he learns to manage his relationships with others and becomes very understanding with his partner.

Moreover, thanks to their many travels and discoveries, mature men are able to hold very enriching and constructive discussions with their partners.

2- Mature men are more financially stable:
Women tend to prefer men who are financially stable and able to support their households and children. This is quite natural, because when a woman engages in a relationship, she thinks about the future of her children, and for them to live properly, the man must be responsible and financially stable.

Warning ! We must not forget that women work and contribute to the expenses of their home. To prefer a financially stable man does not mean that they are materialistic or profitable.

3- Mature men make love better than young people:
People who think that mature men do not know how to make love, are completely wrong! Through their many sexual adventures, mature men are able to detect the preferences of their partner, and put in place all means to please him. They also have confidence in themselves, and are more romantic than young people.

4- Mature men want serious and lasting relationships:
When they were young, mature men had the opportunity to have fun and try different kinds of romantic relationships. Now, they want a stable and lasting relationship, they want to build a family, and see their offspring grow. They are no longer tempted by one-night strokes that waste their time.

5- Mature men are more refined and elegant:
Mature men are very elegant and have a lot of taste. In addition to their perfect sartorial choices, and the sophisticated places they frequent, mature men are true artists who know how to appreciate the beauty of things.

6- Mature men know how to cook:
Thanks to the many years of celibacy they have gone through, and to their many travels, mature men have a perfect mastery of the culinary arts, and they will not hesitate to take the initiative in the kitchen.

7- Mature men take care of their health:
Mature men have seen their parents suffer because of health problems, and they know how important health is. That's why they take care of their health. And even if they are not all Fitness stars, mature men are very active, and are ready to do all sorts of activities to occupy their time and fight against a sedentary lifestyle.

8- Mature men do not celebrate too often:
Warning ! This does not mean that mature men are boring or lazy. On the contrary, they know how to have fun, and do not hesitate to discover new places to their partner. But they have a preference for quiet and elegant restaurants where they can calmly exchange with their partner while having a good time.
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