Parents Put Their Daughter In An Asylum Because She Is Pregnant

Julie Mannix was not insane when she was interned against her will at a psychiatric clinic in Philadelphia when she was 19 years old. In this article, you will discover the incredible story of this woman who was interned by force because she was pregnant and refused to have an abortion.

In the summer of 1963, the young blonde with blue eyes fell madly in love with a man named Frank von Zerneck, with whom she lived a happy idyll ... Until the day when her mother discovered that she was pregnant, and that he It turned out that Franck was already married to another woman.

In order not to risk damaging the reputation of the family and in order to save the future of his daughter, Julie's mother then tried by all means to force her to abort her baby.

She refused to abort her baby and was admitted to a psychiatric clinic

Here is what Julie writes about this in an article published in Cosmopolitan:

"In 1963, abortions were illegal. Threats to the physical or mental health of the mother are the only reasons why they can be practiced. And when my mother informed me that I was pregnant - information the family gynecologist had told her, not me - she also told me that he had diagnosed me with a severe depression, such as by chance. "

It was then that she was transported to a psychiatric clinic where abortion could be practiced legally. But Julie refused to sign the documents authorizing the medical procedure, a refusal that plunged her parents into consternation and which marked the beginning of her confinement. A few days later, while she was in her cell, Julie received a note from her mother:

"Darling girl, it's obvious that you're so overworked that you can not think clearly. Your father and I are terribly afraid that something bad is happening to you. Therefore, it was agreed that you will stay where you are until this horrible ordeal is over. We will think of you every day. Mother "

Parents put their daughter in an asylum because she is pregnant
Her baby was entrusted for adoption

Julie's parents pretended that their daughter was traveling to Africa while keeping her interned at the psychiatric clinic until the day of her delivery, when she confessed, broken-hearted, her baby for adoption.

She married Franck
Then, the young woman moved to New York to become an actress. Franck, who during the internment of the latter had written to him every day, but whose letters had been intercepted by the parents of his beloved, divorced from his former wife and remarried with Julie. They had two more children together and moved to Los Angeles.

The years passed ... without ever thinking about her child
Julie, however, remained devastated by the absence of the girl to whom she had given birth, whose absence at her side plunged her into long and deep depressions, even years later. Julie, who was anxious to see her daughter again, tried to contact Catholic social services to hear from her, but no information could be given because the file had been sealed at the time of adoption.

Every year, Julie and Franck celebrated the birthday of their missing daughter, praying for her to be welcomed into a loving family and to grow up pampered.

And that's how one day ...
One day, Julie and Franck received a strange letter from a certain Kathleen Wisler-Hatfield:

 "Dear Mr. and Mrs. von Zerneck,

How can I start a letter like this? Well, I think I'll just start with: I was born on April 19, 1964 in Philadelphia ... (...) »

Kathleen was their daughter, and she had started researching her biological parents, which ended forty-four years after her adoption at the family reunion. Kathy writes:

"I feel like we have never been separated. It's as if we had landed in the last chapter of a fairy tale - and we all know how fairy tales are. "

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