Mothers of 4 children are less stressed than others

We often admire the courage of mothers of large families. We have the impression that moms with several young children are more stressed and overwhelmed than other mothers and that this overflow leaves no room for their personal and intimate life. However, an investigation has proved the opposite.

The general opinion is that the more children you have, the more you are overworked and responsible, and the stress is almost permanent; everything seems difficult to achieve.

A survey was conducted by the website Today, in which it was published that mothers with more than four children are probably less stressed than others. 7000 mothers across the United States were asked about the level of ongoing stress they were experiencing in raising their children. 

Mothers of 4 children are less stressed than others

A surprising result has been that mothers with one or two children are much more overwhelmed and stressed than those with four children; the first category had a stress level around 8.5 out of 10 while the second category had a much lower level of stress. What is surprising and unusual according to the survey is that having four children is the magic number to reduce the stress rate.

How to explain this phenomenon ?

Psychotherapist Kelley Kitley explained in an interview at Motherly that mothers with four or more children are much less stressed, since when the family is large, there is family support and daily tasks are shared between the children. It all depends on the age of the child; the bigger one will help the little ones to get dressed, to shower or to prepare to eat for example. This is a tremendous asset as they learn to be more independent and more responsible from an early age, while having fun.

In addition, a Norwegian study conducted in 2016 found that children from large families, with a close age, are less likely to suffer from mental problems. The fact that a child has older siblings was associated with a higher emotional balance as important as that provided by the parents.

Also, the results of this survey do not mean that it is imperative to have four children for a mother to be in harmony with herself.

On the other hand, Eiren Heidelberger, a parenting coach, also interviewed by Motherly, disagreed with the results of the Today survey, highlighting the paradox that children can help each other. She believes that it would be inconceivable to expect older siblings to raise younger siblings, especially since parents' mental, emotional and financial availability is essential to raising a family. numerous so that each member has his share of love and care.

How to get rid of stress according to Dr. Janet Taylor?

According to Dr. Taylor, stress is almost permanent in our daily lives and when the stress of children is added it can have an impact on our mind and body. So we have to find alternatives like:
  • Take 5 minutes of your time and draw a pie chart that shows how you spend the hours of the day. Then return the paper and draw a graph showing how you want to spend your day. Pick a point from the second graph and make sure to apply it.

  • Take a little time for yourself and do not hesitate to ask for help when you have too much to do at a time. Breathe and focus on what will please you the most.
  • Make connections with other moms and try to keep stress away by laughing and letting go.
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