Men Who Have Killed A Dog On Snapchat Are Doing Well Without Jail

In the summer of 2016, two men named Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler from Arkansas, USA, savagely killed a dog named Justice who will have unjustly and unfairly paid the price for their brutality and malice.

These two men to say the least violent and sadistic, cut his throat and posted the video on social networks. The requisitions of the competent District Attorney's Office recommended that a severe and proportionate sentence be applied to this crime, which was not administered by the judge and provoked a public outcry.

Men Who Have Killed A Dog On Snapchat Are Doing Well Without Jail

The dog killers’ punishment

This story sparked widespread indignation and was closely watched by animal rights activists across the United States after Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler murdered a dog for free before posting their vile crime on Snapchat. The video will have covered social networks and the web. The two men were reported by someone who viewed the video and immediately reported it to the local authorities.

Following this denunciation, an arrest warrant was issued in August 2016 against Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler after the irrefutable evidence of the video of Snapchat viewed by local authorities, clearly displayed the murder and the images. of the dog before his death.

Immature and morbid games
According to various testimonies, the two men being the day of the crime at Bastrop Louisiana Kill Pen, would have liked to play an immature and morbid game with Justice while trying to invent several scenarios with the intention of killing him. In the video, we can clearly see the poor dog being placed on a horse with the wish that it ejects it violently and that it succumbs to its fall.
Then, the two men would have put a rope around Justice while one of them held it firmly on the ground while climbing on it, before leaving a knife and beginning to slice several times the throat of the poor dog which does not will not have survived.

Fitting punishment?
No one ever knew who owned Justice or how the animal ended up in the hands of Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler. According to other testimonials, Steven was no stranger to animal abuse and a photo of him sitting on a horse he had killed surfaced on the Internet.

After their unjust crime against Justice, the two men were arrested and judge Carl Sharp charged with investigating the case, sentenced them to a three-year suspended sentence, fined $ 5,000 and 480 hours of community service with the potential to reduce these hours if they donated $ 5,000 each to a local humanitarian organization. However, if they did not pay their $ 5,000 fine, they would be forced to spend a year in prison.

In any case, the judge will not have followed the requisitions of the prosecutor's office who, however, had recommended an exemplary sentence and up to the despicable act committed towards a defenseless dog, that is to say 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $ 25,000.

Petition against Boots Stanley and Steven Sadler

This case allowed US lawmakers to start re-evaluating laws that punish those who harm and abuse animals. A petition that has collected more than 21,000 signatures has even been launched to maintain the prosecution of both men.

Public opinion was just as surprised and shocked by the slight condemnation that the two men suffered and anyone would agree that Boots and Steven deserved more to be behind bars rather than freedom, especially after these two young men found it rather funny to torture and kill Justice before circulating the video of their crime on social networks. Who knows, the clemency of the judge may well allow them to repeat this kind of despicable act and who knows, perhaps even with respect to a human being.

Justice for Justice
Let us hope that the death of Justice will not be in vain and will serve easily to match the sanctions to inflict on those who commit such crimes at the height of their lack of humanity and sensitivity.

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