For Better Or For Worse: She Marries The Love Of Her Life Despite Stage 4 Breast Cancer

When you hear the word cancer, you immediately think of the serious consequences that this disease can have on the lives of people who have it and their families. This sometimes debilitating, and even fatal, disease can ruin a person's daily life and make him lose his joie de vivre. But some people never let themselves down, like this girl who, thanks to her courage and determination, did not give up on her illness.

How many lives have been ruined because of cancer? How many careers have been ruined? How many families are devastated because of this disease? Living with a disease such as cancer is not easy at all. Because beyond the pain, and all the handicaps it can cause, this disease has serious psychological and social consequences. Except that in life, there are those who accept their fate as it is, and then there are those who fight to change it.

When a person is in the middle of a battle with an illness like cancer, the last thing she thinks about is engaging in a romantic relationship with someone, but Laurin Long and her husband Michael Bank see things differently. Here is their moving story:

Laurin and her husband met for the first time on an online dating site. A few days later, they decided to see each other, and the current was not slow to pass between their two hearts. So naturally, they have engaged in a relationship full of love and beautiful things.

Despite the weight of the disease, this inseparable duo did not let it go. They continued to do the two things they love most: traveling and going out. And Michael never stopped supporting Laurin and supporting him during the difficult times she went through. Until she is totally cured of cancer.

 she marries the love of her life despite cancer

May the party continue…

"Let's continue this holiday! That's what Michael Bank said when he knelt in front of her, asking her to marry him, and to unite for the better and the better. worst. And without hesitation, she said Yes!

That night, Laurin was the happiest woman in the world, she did not expect Michael to make such a proposal. A few days later, the two lovers had already planned everything, they chose where the ceremony would take place, set a date, and sent the invitations to their friends and relatives.

The relapse ...
Laurin and Michael were thrilled, they had everything to be happy, and they were waiting for the day of their marriage to be officially declared "Husband and Wife". But alas, life is not always a long calm river ...

One day, when waking up, Laurin felt that something was wrong. That terrible feeling of pain she had on her back was hardly foreign to her, and it did not reassure her at all ... When she consulted her doctor, she heard the sentence she dreaded the most: Her cancer was back .

Laurin had to restart his fight against the disease, but this time the fight was much harder than the first time. So she took a 3-month course of chemotherapy, but unfortunately her efforts did not deliver the results she hoped for because the cancer had already reached her lungs.

When Laurin told the doctors that she had to celebrate her wedding in March, they told her it would be too late, but their words were of little importance to her and Michael who decided to keep the marriage. date of their ceremony, and continue the preparations for the marriage while fighting together against the disease.

 she marries the love of her life despite cancer

The payback…
It is love that has conquered the disease! The wedding ceremony of Laurin and Michael took place last March. And it was a real success! On her Facebook account Laurin said she felt like a queen all night, she was thrilled, and her husband too!

 she marries the love of her life despite cancer

And here's good news for you: A few days after his wedding, the doctors told Laurin that his body was responding positively to treatment for his stage 4 cancer.

Today, the 29-year-old leads a life full of happiness alongside her husband Michael, and thanks to their love and determination, cancer has failed to steal the stars from their eyes. Their moving story has inspired thousands of people around the world!
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