Elderly Siblings Are The Worst Drivers According To A Study

Numerous studies have shown that our place in siblings has a significant impact on our personality and attitude. But who would have thought that our rank within our siblings determined our driving behavior? That's what this surprising study by a British insurance company reveals.

Eldest sons are their parents' darlings, they are known to be calmer, kinder and more sociable than their little brothers, and everyone trusts them. But these do not have only qualities. According to a recent study conducted by the British insurance company "Privilege Insurance", siblings would be the worst drivers you will ever see in your life. This surprising study reveals the behavior of older sons while driving.

Elderly Siblings Are The Worst Drivers According To A Study

A few months ago, the British insurance company "Privilege Insurance" conducted a study whose purpose was to examine the driving behavior of its affiliates. The researchers chose a sample of 1395 people from different age groups and social categories, and decided to install cameras in their cars. Here are the results of the study:

- 89% of seniors regularly exceed the speed limit.
- 47% of siblings cut off the road for other drivers.
- 35% of seniors are fined regularly.
- 27% of seniors say they have burned a red light in the last five years.

The study also reveals that, unlike seniors, the youngest and only children are good drivers; they respect the rules of the road, and have fewer accidents and problems with other drivers.

Why are older people less cautious than their brothers?

In order to understand the reasons behind older children being bad drivers, the British newspaper "The Sun" decided to seek the advice of psychologist Becky Spelman, and here is what she said:

"Parents are often more protective and more authoritarian with their older children. But as soon as they grow up and have the opportunity to be free, they find it very difficult to manage this freedom, and allow themselves to commit acts that can sometimes be imprudent "

"Parents also tend to believe that their older child is more mature and responsible than their brothers, and sometimes they trust him too much. When the child grows up, he thinks he can do it all, and it is this inordinate trust that can cause irresponsible driving behavior. "

But beware ! This study was done on a small sample of people, and its results do not necessarily mean that all older children are bad drivers. The worst drivers in the world can turn into good drivers while respecting the rules of the road, as well as some basic rules.

How to become an exemplary driver, and drive safely?

Even if you have the "bad luck" of being the eldest child of your siblings, even if you have always had problems with other drivers, you can still become a very good driver by following these guidelines:

- Never exceed the speed limit. Just go out a little early from home if you do not want to arrive late.

- Never drive next to another car and always respect the safety distance.

- Never use your phone while driving. Stop in a secure place if you want to talk on the phone.

- Never drink alcohol or any other psychotropic medication before driving.

- Remember to fasten your seatbelt and install child seats in your car.

- Regularly check the condition of your tires, and your engine before starting your car.
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