Doctors Warn Parents Against This Dangerous New Challenge For Teens On Social Networks

Several years after the democratization of the internet and the emergence of social networks, many have been the trends that have won the crowds with a considerable impact on the latter, affecting people of all ages. But there are modes that are emerging on social networks and which are unfortunately reprehensible, highlighting particularly dangerous challenges.

A challenge quickly became viral and popular among the youngest

Doctors warn parents against this new dangerous challenge

This is called the "Salt and Ice Challenge", a trend that began in 2012. The challenge is to put salt and ice on the skin and then wait and see. to see how long we are able to withstand the burning sensation.

The videos promoting this dangerous game have been flourishing since 2012, encouraging more and more children to throw themselves into the mouth of the wolf by indulging in this useless and dangerous entertainment. Certainly, the game combining salt and ice may seem completely harmless but in reality, these two substances together can do a lot of damage.

Doctors warn parents against this new dangerous challenge

The concern is that participants are not aware of the damage they experience until the pain is too great. Knowing that such a process essentially gives a sensation of frostbite and that the burns caused can, for their part, be even more serious than those of the 3rd degree.

Brian Wagers, pediatrician, explains the danger of such a practice: "By doing such a thing, the skin of the target place is simply transformed into leather, which means that you lose the blood vessels that are there as well. that any sensation following the death of the nerve endings. You may not even have hair in some areas of your body. "

Doctors warn parents against this new dangerous challenge

Dozens of English children were hospitalized. Schools and medical organizations then decided to warn about the danger of this practice and issue a warning.

Salt and ice, a devastating combination

It is for this very reason that salt is used to speed up the process of melting snow on the roads. Knowing that a pure water starts to melt from 0 degrees, the salt itself, is able to lower the melting temperature of water to set it between 0 and -20 degrees.

A table salt like the one used at home is enough to trigger this chemical reaction in which the chlorine and sodium atoms that make up sodium chloride (salt) infiltrate among the water molecules. liquid to destabilize the crystallization process which consists of a passage of water to the solid state.

And it is during the interaction of the atoms of water and ions of the grain of salt that is quite fast and violent, that burns and damages on the skin occur.

Doctors warn parents against this new dangerous challenge

Some tips for parents to avoid this danger to their children

Prohibit your children from giving up these kinds of games and do not hesitate to show them pictures, revealing the consequences of these irresponsible acts.

Keep an eye out for any strange marks on the bodies of your children and their friends. If their friends do, be vigilant and offer them less dangerous, fun and constructive activities.

If you are dealing with an injured person following this challenge, apply water to the affected area for ten minutes. Do not use balms or creams, as this may make things worse. If the injury seems horrible and deep, immediately contact a hospital or ambulance, as an infection can quickly occur.

Above all, be proactive, talk to your children and keep an eye on what they are doing. They might not realize how dangerous this activity is.

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