Brigitte Macron: Style Trick Of The France’s First Lady That Makes Her Look Younger

Propelled on the front of the scene since the election of her husband, the first lady of France does not stop attracting glances and lusts. Between appearance in luxury tailors and glare, Brigitte Macron keeps fit and knows how to show off. Here are her beauty secrets to look younger!

When the age is the face of some, others put it to their advantage by choosing hairstyles, outfits and habits of life making them look younger. And among these people, as skilled with their style as with their age, we find Brigitte Macron. An overview of the 5 tips she uses to counter the effects of time:

1. The hairstyle

Although gray hair is fashionable, Brigitte Macron remains faithful to her Californian blond, her bangs and her daily blow-dry. And if he happens to tie his hair, the first lady chooses a banana bun. The advantage of these hairstyles? The blonde color can camouflage gray hair while softening the facial features, in the same way that the long and tapered fringe conceals wrinkles of the forehead and eyes. The banana bun offers a port of its head and an unmatched distinction.

Health + advice: To dye and naturally lighten your hair in blond, without damaging them, opt for chamomile. You only need to prepare a lotion to apply daily. For this, boil over a low heat a dozen wild chamomile flowers in 1 liter of water. Then let cool, keep in an airtight glass bottle and apply to your wet hair after shampooing.

2. The outfit
All women know it, the style of dress plays or not in their favor. It is for this reason that Brigitte Macron pays particular attention to her outfits: trendy but elegant colors, pointed toe, printed prints, leather trousers, colorful accessories; the first lady knows her morphology and enjoys fashion to look young and sparkling. Well in her time, it is his confidence and his broad smile that particularly rejuvenate. So, the best way to look younger, is to accept yourself as such, to know its morphology, to have favorite pieces and to assume his style because fashion is obsolete, style never!

3. The complexion
In order to look younger and fade wrinkles, you need to take care of your complexion. Exit the gray mine and the marks of time through daily hydration, antioxidant care and soft scrubs. The trick in addition? Have a tanned complexion all year long like Brigitte Macron.

Health + advice: To combine detox and good looks, we opt for carrots. It contains antioxidants, including beta-carotene, which fight against free radicals, that is to say, unstable molecules causing skin aging. You can add it to your diet as juice or salads. Similarly, use it as an oil for a tan, adding a few drops in your day cream or making a natural self-tanner. Simply mix 5 tablespoons of carrot oil, 5 drops of carrot essential oil, 2 tablespoons of plain yoghurt and 1 egg yolk and then use the preparation with a spray. Apply evenly to your face and body and leave on for 15 minutes. Finally, rinse without rubbing. Note that these carrot treatments are to be used with moderation because in excess, the skin can take a yellow-orange color.

Brigitte Macron

4. Makeup
Beyond her complexion, the first lady of France is also very attentive to the makeup of her eyes and lips. Indeed, with time, the eyelids tend to fall and the demarcation of eyelashes and lips is less marked. So, like Brigitte Macron, bet on an iridescent eye shadow, a pencil line blurred flush with the lashes, a mascara that gives volume and length and pink lips to look young and fresh.

However, do not forget the makeup removal at the end of the day to take care of your skin!

5. The way of life
Obviously, to mitigate the marks of time, the best way is to have a healthy lifestyle. In fact, a poor diet, a lack of sports activity, a poor quality of sleep and insufficient hydration increase the risks of diseases and the effects of old age. So be sure to have a balanced and varied diet, based on antioxidant products (green tea, red berries, grapes, green vegetables, tomatoes, pink grapefruit, oranges, olive oil, avocado, whole grains) that fight against skin aging. . 

Regarding physical activity, you can opt for the exercise bike, as does Brigitte Macron. Note that sleep and hydration are also essential for the proper functioning of the body.
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