At 23, She Went Around The World For 8 Months, Having Spent Only 320$

Sarah Gysler, a 23-year-old Swiss woman, wanted to change her life on a whim and simply converted to "Globe-trotter". It was at the age of twenty that she decided to tackle everything to change her life. She has left her job, her flat and has just become a nomad with a tight budget. For more than two years, Sarah has started with only 320 $ in pocket, a world tour that will end in 2019.

Young people today, especially those in the age group of 18 - 25 years are revealed in them, a big appetite for travel and discovery. Immerse yourself in the local culture and discover an unknown country or city, escape the routine, refocus on yourself, learn another language or even rest are the main reasons that young people to discover the country. world.

At 23, She Went Around The World For 8 Months, Having Spent Only 320$

The adventuress without a penny

Sahah Gysler, this "mowed" adventurer, from the Lausanne region of Switzerland, has embarked on a world tour with a budget of 320$ in her pocket. Part of Switzerland, she begins her journey by landing in Gibraltar, where she meets a couple of Australians who embark on their sailboat and make it cross the Atlantic to the Caribbean islands, through Barbados to Grenadines, then from Dominica to Guadeloupe.

She travels without a smartphone that she had to "detoxify", a means of payment with only companions, a camera and a computer, to keep in touch with family and friends.

Journey to the four corners of the world
For Sarah, this discovery of the world is a way to rediscover the exchange with strangers, get closer and know the local specificities. She says she has more trust in the locals she meets to get off the beaten track, rather than the tourist guides.

For more than two years, Sarah has traveled Europe with very little money, spent months in Norway, crossed the lake Baikal on foot and Russia by train, met nomads in Mongolia, and even took the time to discover the Philippines, a dream she had hoped to see realized for more than ten years.

She traveled tens of thousands of kilometers to break a routine that seemed to limit her and that led her to the fact that she managed to forge a vision of "the other" that was so scary before, a real wealth.

The luxury of letting yourself live with ease
Traveling without money can seem at first sight completely unconscious and unachievable and is a concept in total opposition to all that Sarah was used to in her "before" life. This simply allowed her to use instincts she did not imagine existed in her. And in the face of these unknown facts, the only way she had of not losing her foot was to let go while detaching herself from the material world, which seemed little by little so superficial to her.

Sarah likes to talk about travel, people she met, and experiences she has had. Thus, it believes to contribute in the widest possible way, to the common good. She films her adventures and publishes videos on her Youtube channel, she even writes articles and hosts conferences. She would also like to write a book that would speak and describe her travels around the world but not that she would also sleep, her feelings, her impressions and also, it must be said, her fears. Going alone and living such an adventure requires an open mind and infinite courage.

This human adventure, she shares it daily via her blog

"The Milled Adventurer" with more than 7,000 Internet users around the world.

As Paulo Coelho knows so well, "Traveling has never been a question of money, but of courage."
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