A Woman Says To Her Dying Grandmother, "When You Go To Heaven, Send Me A Lot Of Money." And That's Exactly What The Grandmother Did!

In addition to parental education, grandparents have a vital role to play in helping their grandchildren to build themselves, the challenge being how to find out, but certainly in a different way than that of parents. In benevolence and love, sometimes strong and indestructible bonds are formed between grandparents and their (small) child (ren). As was the case for Michelle McDougal and her grandmother named Nana with whom, over time, she had forged very close ties with a lot of tenderness.

A woman tells her dying grandmother

Grandparents often occupy a privileged place for their little child (ren) without even having to show any authority whatsoever with the challenge of a more meticulous or strict education. much more of the role of parents. Close, playful, and supportive relationships often develop and grandparents can bring a different kind of parenting to life.

The story of Michelle McDougal and her grandmother

Michelle McDougal was born the same day as her grandmother Nana. And for 45 years, they celebrated their birthdays together, something that created a unique relationship between the two women.

A woman tells her dying grandmother

Over the years, they had shared diverse and varied life experiences. Family trips, shopping sessions, card games, they shared all activities side by side. But their favorite moments were their long discussions where they had the opportunity to remake the world.

A woman tells her dying grandmother

Like many people of her generation, Nana was a caring soul that most described as being goodness incarnate and giving her shirt to others. As she had done for Michelle when she was just a baby working hard to pay for her health costs; the child had pneumonia and almost died.

Announcement of the disease

When Michelle's grandmother was finally diagnosed with cancer, the world fell apart for Michelle and her entourage. The doctors could not do anything for the old woman who was living her last moments of life. Michelle spent the rest of the time with her grandmother, continuing to nurture their precious exchanges and discussions including exchanging a very special conversation about the charity she will never forget.

During this conversation, Michelle held Nana's hands and asked her, "Nana, when you're in heaven, send me lots of money, so I'll know how much you're still there for me. Two days later, Nana dies. Shortly after, Michelle started to find money wherever she went. As a kind of heavenly gift conveyed through the vow she had confided to her grandmother. She found dozens and dozens of coins that she ended up storing entirely in large pots, not without feeling a strong emotion. She continued to carefully keep each piece in the hope of knowing what she would do with it one day.

A woman tells her dying grandmother

Memorial in honor of her grandmother

Four years after the death of her grandmother, Michelle finally knew what she wanted to do with all the coins she had collected in recent years. She and her husband glued each piece to a few old wooden boards with which they formed a huge heart as a symbol of the love she had shared and she still shared with Nana. Her whole being was filled with love as she watched this work erected in honor of her grandmother.

A woman tells her dying grandmother

Whatever our beliefs, feelings, and forms of attachment as strong as those of Michelle and her grandmother, can survive even beyond this life and survive just as much after death.
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