A Man Gives The Perfect Answer After Being Asked If He Leaves His Wife Whose Skin Was Destroyed By Fire

In our time, more and more people pay more attention to the physical appearance than the person of the other. But it is enough that love settles between two souls so that the physical loses all its importance. Read the moving story of this woman whose skin will be ravaged by fire and the reaction of her husband, she illustrates the true meaning of love.

A man gives the perfect answer

How many hearts have been broken because of a physical defect? How many couples are destroyed because of weight gain? People have unfortunately become increasingly superficial, and obsessed with their physical appearance. But this is not the case for everyone. The story of this young couple will prove it!

An accident with heavy consequences

Turia Pitt is a young Australian woman, athlete and model. In September 2011, she participated in a great marathon held in the Australian city of Kimberley, when suddenly she found herself trapped in a bushfire whose flames burned 64% of her body.

A man gives the perfect answer

"Before starting the marathon, I put my earphones in my ears, I loved listening to music running. I was in good health, and I would run and look at the trees and the greenery. I had already run 25 kilometers, when I saw the fire coming in my direction, I did not panic because I had already worked in a medical service, and I used to see this kind of fires. But this time the fire was furious, scary and powerful. "

Four hours after the fire burned her whole body, Turia was finally transported to the hospital. She was in critical condition, and the doctors decided to put her in an artificial coma that lasted a month because her chances of survival were very low.

When Turia woke up from her coma. She felt that something had changed, her skin had lost all her flexibility, and the slightest movement had become difficult for her. Turia had become a prisoner in her own body.

She saw her parents and her husband Michael in front of her, but she could not speak to them because of the tube that was stuck in her throat. Their words full of love and encouragement helped her feel better, but she did not fully understand what had happened.

Gradually, thanks to the help of Michael, and his parents, Turia began to pronounce his first words after the accident. She could finally move her arms, but she still had not had the opportunity to look at her new face in the mirror because her mom was preventing her from doing so to avoid being shocked.

One day, Turia was holding an IPad in her hand, when suddenly the thought of seeing her face hit her mind. It was a real shock to her, she cried hysterically, and her tears had become uncontrollable.

A man gives the perfect answer

But when she realized that her new appearance did not change the love Michael and her parents had for her, she felt lucky and happy to be loved and appreciated for her person, not her physique. That's what pushed her to want to improve every day, and to become a new person full of enthusiasm and ambition.

A foolproof love

A few months after the accident, Michael left his job to take care of Turia. Since 2011, he continues to take care of her, to help her in her daily tasks, and to bring him all the love and tenderness she needs to overcome her difficulties.

When some people wanted to know why Michael never thought of leaving the love of his life, his response was particularly touching and moving:

"I was attracted to her soul, and her personality, Turia is the only woman who will continue to realize my dreams"

A man gives the perfect answer

Today, Turia and Michael are married, and live together in absolute happiness. Turia's burns did not stop her from living her life as she wished, and fulfilling all her dreams. In addition, the couple now has a little boy named Hakavai who embellishes their daily lives and gives them a smile even in the most difficult moments.

A man gives the perfect answer

The moving story of Turia has inspired thousands of people around the world. The girl is now supporting several associations of burn victims in the world. And since 2011, she keeps saying that it's the love of her parents and Michael that helped her survive.
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