A Man Buys The Crib Of A Stillborn Baby And Tturns It Into A Memorial Bench And Gifts It Back To Mom

The death of a newborn is an incredibly difficult situation to face, and it only gets worse with constant reminders at home, such as decorations and clothes already prepared. Valarie Watts still mourned the death of her son Noah, but the unexpected gesture of a complete stranger helped him cope with grief.

A man buys the cradle of a stillborn baby

When a baby dies, the hope of parenthood dies alike. And this leaves a colossal gap, undoubtedly very difficult to overcome. No parent can ever be truly prepared for the pain that accompanies this kind of loss. In some cases, this can lead to a devastated parent resorting to drugs or alcohol to try to cope - but in fact, substance abuse only creates more serious problems.

How to overcome the grief of the loss of a newborn?

First of all, it is important to note that everyone has their own way of mourning. Some people may be so overwhelmed by sadness that they will cry constantly; while others may feel too numb to show a lot of emotion.

In addition, talking about your baby and your feelings can be helpful and comforting. You can talk to your partner, your friends and your family.
  • Begin by accepting your need to cry and express your grief.
  • Respect your own unique needs and determine what you need to do to get through this experience.
  • Ask for advice from bereaved parents
  • Attend a support group so you can meet and talk with other parents who truly understand what you are going through.
  • Consult a counselor or therapist who can recognize your feelings and provide you with adaptive counseling.
  • Engage in mindfulness practices, such as meditation, meditative breathing, yoga, and tai chi, which can soothe your afflicted body and brain.
  • Accept the support of others, as awkward as it may be. Also tell people around you what you need.

A stranger buys a crib of a dead newborn and turns it into a memorial bench
Valérie Watts was looking forward to the birth of her first child Noah. The baby has developed normally during most of the pregnancy. However, towards the end of the 9th month, Valerie felt that something abnormal was going to happen: "I knew it, it did not move anymore and I was very nervous. ".

During the first months after the tragic event, the bereaved woman could not separate herself from her son's crib : "It was a painful reminder of the loss, but I was not yet ready to let him go. The mother lamented.

A man buys the cradle of a stillborn baby

Nearly a year later, Watts finally decides to sell his son's objects, except for the crib . She thought no one would buy it. To his surprise, this little wonder caught the attention of Gerald Kumpula-a carpenter and shop owner-who instantly asked him for his price. "She was a bit hesitant. I knew she did not want to sell it and I did not understand her reluctance. Kumpula recalls.

He certainly did not have a clue about Watts' tragedy or what the crib meant to her. But his wife had discussed with Valerie and therefore understood the importance of this object for her. When the buyer learned the story on the way home, he decided to do something very special so that the mother could keep it.

A week later, the couple went to see Valérie with the crib turned into a memorial bench. Deeply moved, the mother could not help but burst into tears.

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