A Harvard Study Of 75 Years Revealed The Most Important Factor In Human Happiness

Happiness does exist, but does not really have a definition or just a measure. It is relative and unique to everyone. So how to reach this state of constant satisfaction, of lasting serenity?

Harvard Study Of 75 Years Revealed The Most Important Factor In Human Happiness

This is what several generations of researchers at Harvard University have tried to find by conducting two studies on the subject for more than 75 years! This experience reveals in broad outline and without much surprise that what would make the human being fundamentally happy, is of course love.

Happiness is a subject that deserves reflection. Indeed, according to the perception that we have, it can simply be a victim of our imagination, it can be simple to achieve for some or rather complex for others.
An unprecedented experience

Harvard University in the United States has focused on the equation of happiness. She led not one, but two studies on the subject; one named Grant and the other Glueck. Several generations of researchers have been screened for just over 75 years since 1938, all aspects of the participants' lives. They meticulously interviewed them about their work, their family and their health.

They performed blood tests, brain scans, and even autopsied deceased subjects. Over the years, they have amassed a wealth of resources titanic, and this for one and only purpose: to find the secret of happiness.

What promotes happiness?
So, what allows us to reach happiness and cultivate it? It is not a priori either the glory or the money, according to Robert Waldinger, Psychiatrist, professor at Harvard University and director who partly conducted the research. Experience shows that the individuals most connected to their family, friends and social circle are not only happier, but also healthier.

More specifically, experience has shown that having someone we depend on helps our nervous system to relax, the brain to stay healthy and reduces emotional pain. It has also been shown that those who feel lonely are more likely to have their physical health decline earlier and die younger.

To be happy, the quality of relationships also prevails over quantity. As an old saying goes, "it is better to be alone than badly accompanied". Thus, the health of the participants who experienced a situation of relational conflict was on average less good than that of the others. Similarly, a divorce would be less harmful to health than an unsatisfactory relationship. All in all, having and cultivating healthy and constructive relationships helps us to be happier.

The happiness indicator
We often do not know what can lead to happiness. What would allow us all to become happy is never very clear. We can simply think that certain things such as material goods and opulence will make us happy. But we certainly never know if all these factors will really contribute to our happiness.

In a world evolving into a system of neglected values and where power and money are of paramount importance, what we can learn from this experience is that "the greatest indicator of our overall happiness and fulfillment in life , is basically, love. "

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