8 Messages To Never Send Over The Phone If You Want Your Relationship To Last

We have all felt at least once during our existence, this horrible feeling of confusion, and regret that overwhelms us when we send an SMS containing hasty answers, or offensive sentences that we regret to have written. To avoid falling into the trap of texting, read this article, and discover the 8 things you should never write in an SMS.

Even if the new communication technologies facilitate our daily life, and allow us to feel the presence of our beloved even when the distance separates us, they can not in any case replace a real dialogue, where we can measure our words and form our sentences according to the attitude, and the tone of our interlocutor.

Let's take the example of SMS, which is the preferred communication tool for a large number of people, thanks to the sense of security and distance that they offer. But beware ! If misused, they can be a source of misunderstandings and arguments in couples. Here are the 8 things you should absolutely avoid sending SMS to your spouse.

1- Never complain in SMS:
When your spouse receives an SMS in which you complain, he does not know if you are really mad at him, or if you just want to crush his mind with your words. He does not know which way to dance. Often, SMS of this type remain unanswered, and even in case you receive a response to your text, there is a good chance that a dispute breaks out between you. So keep your complaints for your meetings face to face.

2- Never send insults to your spouse:
Even face-to-face, insults are never a good idea. But insulting someone in a text message is another story, because even if you've gotten used to insulting your spouse under the guise of joking, the latter will surely not find your funny insults when he reads them in your SMS.

You are past the age of puberty, and you are now a mature person who can calmly discuss and find solutions to your problems. It is therefore useless to use raw words that will give you an image of a rude and immature person.

3- Never apologize by SMS:
Yes, we understand you, you regret having canceled your appointment at the last minute, and you want to apologize as soon as possible. But beware ! Your excuses will lose their value if they are sent by SMS. Wait for your next meeting to apologize.

4- Do not expect to receive explanations by SMS:
Asking for explanations by SMS will not bring you any satisfaction, and may aggravate your problems of torque.

So, if you have something to blame your spouse, and want to have answers to your questions, meet him instead of wasting your time writing useless text messages.

5- Do not say very important things in an SMS:
"Honey, I'm pregnant," or "Honey, I'm crazy in love with you, and I want to marry you." Phrases of this type should never be included in an SMS, because they totally lose their value, and often, your spouse will have a hard time believing you.

Big statements and good news should be kept for your face-to-face meetings.

6- Do not mention sensitive topics in an SMS:
SMS have been created so that people can have brief and unimportant conversations. Complex topics related to philosophical doctrines, history of politics and religions or your future as a couple should be discussed verbally.

If you would like to discuss a particular topic with your spouse, suggest that you come to your home or meet somewhere. Not only because your conversations will be more interesting, but also because your links will be strengthened.

7- Do not send your private information:
Yes, you trust your partner, and send him your banking information or erotic pictures you no problem. But be aware that everything you send is recorded, and malicious people such as hackers or just curious, can easily take control of our devices.

8- Keep your secrets for your face-to-face meetings:
Your spouse does not always have his mobile phone in his hands, and he may even be unable to lock it. The secrets you confess to him can easily be discovered by other people.

Take your patience and wait for your next meeting to make your little confidences.
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