This Woman Is Called 'smelly Fatty' In A Plane - She Is Moved To Tears When The Man Behind Her Reacts

Society often imposes on us beauty criteria, which in most cases appear in billboards or magazines. These clichés of physical perfection trigger psychological discomfort and complexes, giving a feeling of inferiority and complexity to people whose morphology derogates from the imposed rule; they feel that they are not part of the accepted norm.

In many cases, derogatory remarks are made against overweight people, belittling them by mentioning their style and appearance. Those people who can not manage to accept themselves live in great emotional pain; lost between the desire to look like the supermodel of magazines and to accept themselves as they are. This social injunction becomes a pressure corroborated by the negative judgment of others.

No human being has the right to judge the other on his appearance or on his life in general; our body belongs to us and we alone are masters of its functions. However, an unacceptable treatment was inflicted on a young woman named Savannah Phillips, a mother of two living in Oklahoma.

The psychic suffering of Savannah

Savannah like many other overweight people, struggle with the complex of her body. When she happened to travel by plane for example, she used to look for a place in a free corner so that she could be alone and not disturb anyone.

Yet one day while flying, she had to deal with the cruelty of a 60-year-old traveler who sat next to her. After their installation, she surprised in spite of herself, a message that her neighbor wrote on her phone. To her astonishment, she realized with horror that her neighbor was treating her in her ''smelly Fatty' text. She did not want to read the rest of the message; her heart was bruised. This man had only confirmed all her complexes and pushed her further into loneliness and sorrow. Tears flowed in spite of her, in silence ...


A man, named Chase Irwin, sitting behind her, noticed the whole scene and quickly understood the distress of this young woman in pain. He decided to act and asked Savannah's neighbor to exchange their seats. He later made it clear to him that it was incomprehensible and inhuman that he could write cruel words about someone nearby and asked him to respect the feelings of others. Chase gave a moral lesson to this man that he was not ready to forget. He then comforted Savannah trying to do his best to put her in a good mood. 

Chase's reaction touched the young woman to such an extent that she published her story on Facebook to prove that there are still people on earth with kindness and generosity of heart. Humanist heroes.

Society by all standards of appearances it imposes on us, accustoms people to make cruel judgments and sometimes unfair to others. The question that is essential to ask is: Do we have the right to judge someone according to his appearance? What do we know about this person, his suffering and what he endures to live in the norm? We have a different body and functioning, ways of life that are not alike. Let us empathize and give the best of ourselves to better spread the love, compassion and empathy around us.
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