When He Learns That His Wife Is Cheating On Him, This Man Leaves A Letter To His Lover

Ever wondered what you would do if you learn that your partner is cheating on you? Without a doubt, infidelity is one of the worst experiences you can experience in a relationship, because you lose trust in your partner and sometimes even in all representatives of the opposite gender.

Nevertheless, if some people decide to end the relationship after learning that their partner was unfaithful, others want to give another chance and continue to fight for their love. In our story, a man has gone off to write to his wife's lover a number of things that will certainly surprise you.

If you have wondered how to know if your wife is unfaithful, it is that her behavior seems suspicious to you. There are several indications that will show you what is going on in your relationship. In this sense, a study conducted by specialists at Harvard University indicates that the use of new technologies, such as social networks and various communication applications, cause serious breaks in relationships and increase cases of infidelity . 

Here are several signs that may indicate that your wife is unfaithful:

She adopts new habits
Smoking and drinking are sometimes signs of anxiety and worry, or they are practices modeled on someone else.

She avoids your friends and family
When a woman has an affair with someone else, the first thing she does is to reduce contact with your knowledge.

She goes out more often
All pretexts are good for going out. Moreover, her activities have increased and she spends more time away from home.

She receives phone calls and messages frequently and she has changed the phone code and password of her mailbox. She never leaves her phone and always picks up calls in an isolated place.

An Adultery woman and a husband who reacts in an unusual way

What this man did will surprise you. When he discovers that his wife is cheating on him, he leaves this letter for his lover:

- Please, sir, do not let the toilet lid open any more. My wife thinks it's me and always blames me for it.

- Please do not drink all my beers. I need it more than you because I need to see my attractive wife. And if you happen to take the last one, buy some! If you want, you can leave the money at the counter, so that I can buy them myself.

- Also try replacing the toilet paper roll every time you finish it. My 5-year-old son believes that if it's not in place, it's not necessary to clean oneself. It's under the sink cabinet, take one. It's not complicated !

- Stop telling my kids that you are their uncle. They are small, not idiots!

- Do not use the heater anymore. You do not pay the bill, it's me who pays for it with my salary that I earned through my efforts.

- Stop serving in my kitchen, the other day you ate the brownie that my mother had prepared for my birthday. My wife has not cooked for years and besides she knows nothing prepared good.

- Also try to spread your weight if you are sitting. The chair is twisted by your fault.

- And finally, I want to thank you for taking my wife to eat on Valentine's Day. At dinner, when we went out to eat, she was almost not hungry so I just ordered a meal. I was able to save money to take my kids to the movies. Thank you.

I hope and wish you to respect and fulfill my requests. I do not want to confront it, it does not interest me anyway, I can let you know what time I'm going in, so you can be quiet and without pressure with her at home. I can even do better: if you want, you can keep it forever. I offer it to you!

You can take advantage of the fact that I am going to take the kids to camp on March 3rd for four days. It would be nice if I found no trace of you in my house when I got back.


The husband of your lover.
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