Trees Have Feelings, Make Friends, And Watch Each Other Like Old Couples, According To A New Study

We never tire of exploring this universe, and discover its beautiful creatures, as well as the messages it sends us. Contemplating nature can help us understand many things and improve our lives, and even our relationships with others. But the recent discovery we're going to talk about today is going to surprise you so much that you'll find it hard to believe it. Yet she is serious.
Decidedly these researchers will never stop to surprise us with the results of their studies on the planet in which we live! Who would have thought that trees could have feelings, and even create bonds of friendship between them? It's science fiction, would you tell me.

Today, we are going to tell you about a shocking and surprising discovery, which will probably make you frown!

According to research by forestry specialist Peter Wohlleben, trees have emotions, they are able to feel pain, fear and even affection.


The trees: these creatures so present in our life ...

Whether in the forest, on the beach or in the city, trees are always there to beautify our planet and our life. These plants come in different shapes, sizes and colors, and play a very important role in moderating the climate.

Unfortunately, the overexploitation of these natural resources by the wood industry decreases more and more the number of these magnificent plants, and the size of our forests.

The presence of trees is crucial because they are real purifiers of the air we breathe. They act as filters. It is, among other things, why we must all mobilize and provide as much effort as we can to preserve those precious resources that Mother Nature graciously offered us.

Trees are much smarter than we think!

Peter Wohlleben is an expert who has spent years studying trees, and their behavior. He is the author of the book "The Secret Life of Trees", bestseller in Germany, his country of origin.

In his book, the author explains that we have a false image of trees, and that trees are much smarter than we think.

According to Wohlleben, trees are able to feel pain and fear. They can even create bonds of friendship between themselves, and take care of their friends, just like human beings.

It is not finished ! You may be even more surprised if you were told that trees are capable of producing something that is very similar to heartbeat in humans.

Indeed, a study by Dr. Andras Zlinsky of the Department of Biosciences of the University of Aarhus in Denmark, shows that several times during the night, some trees move their branches, upwards and downwards. While pumping water and sugar into the other parts of the tree.

This heartbeat operation occurs once every two hours. It is so slow and subtle that it has been difficult to detect by biologists.

It should be noted that this phenomenon was observed during the night, and well sheltered, so that researchers do not allow themselves to be misled by the influence of wind and other natural elements.

All these studies lead us to understand that we have not finished deciphering the mysteries of this universe. And that nature always hides surprises and facts as fascinating as each other.

One thing is certain, you will not see the trees in the same way after reading this article!
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