This Teenager Picks Up Her Little Brother To School, Then The Mother Discovers The Unbelievable Online

A normal day for parents can change quickly when an emergency occurs at the last moment, so children are affected. Fortunately, especially for small children, having big brothers or sisters is important in similar times. Moreover, the story of this teenager with her little brother shows this importance!

The importance of brothers and sisters

A fraternal relationship is likely to be the most enduring of our lives. The impact that siblings have on our young and adult lives is enormous, they shape our history and character, to a much greater extent than is generally recognized. The book Siblings In Development, edited by psychotherapists Vivienne Lewin and Belinda Sharp, states that siblings are not only second editions in relation to parents, but that they are profoundly important themselves. Relationships with brothers and sisters are indefinitely fixed in our psyche.

Dr. Terri Apter, a children's psychologist and author of The Sister Knot, says brothers and sisters know you better than anyone. They may not always admire you, but they will always be interested in you. If you ask a sibling to describe a parent, friend, or sibling, it is the sibling that the child will describe with the greatest precision and detail, in terms of character. and habits. That's why they are so important.

A study of nearly 300 men from the late 1930s to the present day has shed light on the importance of the fraternal bond. According to this Harvard study on adult development, 93% of men who were healthy at age 65 had been close to a sibling in their first years of life. The study also reports that poor relationships with siblings before the age of 20 could be a predictor of depression later in life, suggesting that the more we can maintain close fraternal relationships in adulthood, the more they can benefit us and protect us emotionally.

As a testament to the vital importance of siblings, here is the amazing story of this young teenager and her little brother who melted their mother's heart.

A day like no other

Candice Curry, a mother of four girls and a little boy, had been called by her son's school in the middle of the day to ask him to pick him up early. Candice could not arrive right away, so she asked her teenage daughter to pick him up.

Candice thought her daughter had gone home with her little brother, but several hours later she found a photo online that melted her heart.

teenager goes to take his little brother to school

That said, read what Candice wrote on Facebook about her son and daughter:

"We had a family emergency that required my daughter to go out of school early to pick up her little brother, and I thought she took him home until I saw her Snapchat ( social media used to share photos.)

This teenager goes to take his little brother to school

The teenager takes her brother with her to school

Instead of missing classes, the girl brought her three-year-old brother back to school and let her sleep while she finished her last class of the day. Candice was very proud of her daughter, and her gesture made her very happy, regardless of whether it is legal or not. She thinks her daughter helped her family and was able to take responsibility for her little brother and take care of him without missing classes.

Candice also wrote on Facebook: "I am the worst mother in the world or I have understood everything.Do not tell me which of the two I am, let me live in the happiness of ignorance while I admire this image Life is short, it's such moments that make it incredibly beautiful. "

This teenager goes to take his little brother to school

Thousands of people loved, commented on and shared Candice's post. In fact, many people sent warm greetings to Candice and her daughter.

The gesture of Candice's daughter was beautifully comforting for her. This shows once again the importance of brothers and sisters in our lives and the love and support they offer us during childhood. Feel free to share this beautiful story!

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