This Is Why Some Children Of Beggars Are Always Sleeping

Begging is a phenomenon that affects almost every country in the world, although to different degrees. Its spread over the years puts people face a daunting challenge, tugging between the duty to reach out to their neighbor and mistrust vis-à-vis some fraudulent and deceptive practices. The story of this beggar is proof of that.

Facts that are happening all over the world

This story was originally reported and written as anonymous testimony. But the authenticity of the facts has been verified because they have taken place in Bangkok and Cambodia. And the people involved in this investigation are just asking us to offer food and water to beggars instead of giving them money, something that could allow the begging industry to continue to grow. And it's really up to us to make the right decision based on the situation to know who to help and how.

This Is Why Some Children Of Beggars Are Still Sleeping

The story of "the lady with the baby"

"Near the subway station, there was a woman. His hair was unkempt and unclean, his head tilted in sadness. She was sitting on the floor and next to her was a bag. In the latter, people were throwing money. Between his arms, there was a sleeping baby of two years old. He was wearing a hat and dirty clothes.

A month later. I stopped, I was staring at the baby. The latter was dressed, as always, in dirty clothes. I realized how strange it was to find a child in a dirty subway station from morning till night, especially since he was still asleep. He never sobbed or screamed.

Do any of you, dear readers, have children? Remember how many times they slept at the age of 1, 2 or 3? One hour, two, three at most. For a whole month, I never saw the child awake! I began to look at his face buried in his mother's arm. Until I ask her, "Why is he sleeping all the time? ".

The woman pretended not to hear me. She lowered her eyes without answering. I then reiterated my question. She suddenly looked up again to react in a way that showed some irritation. She had a strange look.

She whispered, "Damn it! "

"Why is he asleep? I said, raising my voice.

Behind me, someone put my hand on my shoulder. I turned around. An old man looked at me with disapproval: "What do you want from her? You do not see that she has suffered enough in her life? "

He then took coins from his pocket before throwing them into the beggar's bag. The latter suddenly made a sign of the cross by waving the hand, the face expressing humility and pain.

The next day, I called a friend who had just set foot in school, but that did not stop him from having the most expensive cars or living in a big house. Thanks to him, I discovered that the beggar was part of a company. She is apparently supervised by organized crime networks. The children used are "rented" to families of alcoholics or simply stolen.

I needed the answer to my question: "Why is the baby still sleeping? ". He explained in a calm voice that only accentuated my amazement: "They are under the effect of heroin or vodka. "

I was stunned: "Who's on heroin or vodka ?! "

He replied, "So, the child does not scream. Women will be able to sit all day wearing it, imagine otherwise how annoying it would have been? "

Unfortunately these children are drugged so that they can serve as a means of persuasion vis-à-vis passersby who will not hesitate to give some coins. In some cases, the child does not support this and eventually dies, so the so-called mother keeps him in his arms until the end of the day. These are the rules of the "job". "

Whether in a subway station, on a sidewalk or at the entrance of a shop, dozens and dozens of these "mothers" populate the streets of many countries around the world. A bitter reality that should shake us up and remind us that every piece we give to these individuals amounts to supporting a large-scale criminal network. And this staging is not only a scam, but also endangering the lives of innocent children.
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