This 8-Year-Old Girl Was Tortured To Death: Later, Police Find A Newspaper Revealing The Heartbreaking Truth

We often hear about violence and suffering experienced by some children around the world. This suffering can be caused by a stranger, abductor, rapist or even a family member. This violence can manifest itself in physical and psychological suffering. In any case, it affects the child who is a victim and can in some cases be fatal.

No child deserves the punishment of violence, even if it is masked by the excuse of educational punishment; this is what Alice Miller, a psychotherapist, calls "black pedagogy"; it destroys the character of the child to make him a submissive being. The suffering that the child undergoes at that moment is indescribable. However, this violence can in some cases become tragic and lead to a tragedy. This is the case of the violence experienced by Gizzell, an eight-year-old girl who lived with her grandmother in Texas ...

The not very common life of Gizzell

Gizzell, nicknamed by her friends, Gizzy, was certainly a little girl but with a big heart and an unfulfilled desire to live life to the full. Like most children, she was overflowing with joy and hope, and her thirst for learning was growing day by day; she was a smart and curious girl and loved school.

She had moved with her father and two siblings to her grandmother's house. Her father André suffered from a serious illness that often required constant care and therefore could not take care of the education of his children. Helen, the grandmother, took over to look after the whole family and the house, which from the outside seemed peaceful and looked like all the houses around.

The truth about Gizzy's life

The truth is that inside this house, which seemed, at first sight, calm and peaceful, lived a child tormented by suffering. Every day Gizzy was given a punishment for her bad behavior. Her punishments took a variety of forms, ranging from crouching or standing for long hours to getting dirty socks into the mouth. She was often beaten and was mostly deprived of food or water. So much so that it happened to drink water from the toilet and even for that it was beaten from head to toe. Sometimes, She was tied to her bed without being able to move for several days.

Despite her torment and suffering, Gizzy remained positive and had faith in the future. She hoped with all her heart that her misfortune was about to end. When the opportunity presented itself to her, she described in her diary all the misfortunes and sufferings she endured and the details of the abuse she endured.

However, she remained positive with all the innocence of her being and also put in writing, all her dreams like playing with her brothers and sisters, watching television or becoming tall, beautiful and intelligent. Unlike the diary of most of the little girls who described their happy family lives and their discovery of first love with a boy, Gizzy's one described the cruelty of her life.

As time passed, her grandmother's mistreatment became more cruel; so much so that Gizzy no longer had the strength to write on her diary and her words sounded indecipherable scribbles.

On July 12, 2013, Gizzy was found dead by the police in her grandmother's dirty apartment in Austin, Texas. Her body was degraded by the abuses she was undergoing. She had been beaten and strangled. Her wrists were still showing ligation marks when she was tied up and her back was infected with a deep, old wound that had become infested with maggots, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Her father was charged with the role he played in the murder of his daughter and the grandmother was sentenced to life imprisonment for the horrific murder of Gizzy.

However, steps could have been taken to stop Gizzy's ordeal before this horrible tragedy occurred.

Child protection

A child is an innocent being who remains dependent on an adult; yet the latter can sometimes prove Machiavellian.
  • It is prudent to teach the child to recognize some inappropriate acts of violence or abuse, which he may judge by his innocence as quite normal.
  • It is important to teach the child to report abuse and to seek outside help.
  • It is essential to teach him to express his needs without violence so as not to reproduce the same pattern with his children in the future.
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