The Mother Dines With Her Future Son-in-law. A Few Days Later, She Discovers An Old Photo That Gives Her Chills In The Back

In the literal sense of the term, destiny or destiny is a sovereign power that regulates the course of things in advance. For example, in love, we go through storms and storms until we meet the ideal person, the one destined for us. But, sometimes, simple objects, like a photo, reveal many amazing and incredible truths about our destiny.

Does destiny really exist? Are we destined to live things and imposed events and subject ourselves to them? Some people attribute their failed love or profession to fate while others succeed and thrive in their lives. Can we incriminate fate for all our misfortunes and moments of happiness? The law of attraction reveals that every human being creates his own destiny and that thought is creative, it is enough to believe in it.

Mother dines with her future son-in-law

However, some lived stories push us to change our skepticism about destiny, when we see a succession of events that occur in a person's life without it being able to change much without it. can have an impact on their achievement. Destiny is simply necessary.

Thus, at their first meeting, some couples are convinced that they are made for each other, others believe that they are made to be together and then there are couples for whom destiny reserves many surprises like Ed and Eidi Savitt.

The extraordinary destiny of this couple

Mother dines with her future son-in-law

Ed and Heidi Savitt met in 2011 when they were students at the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom, where they lived in the same student house. Like all friends, they exchanged small personal belongings and their friendship evolved into a loving relationship. They decided that their romance was bound to end in marriage.

Their story has only just begun

Kay Parker, Heidi's mother, always had the feeling of having already known Ed his future son-in-law. However, she did not know how or why. Something in Ed, gave him the impression of having already seen him, of having already met him. His face was familiar to her.

At a family reunion, Kay had mentioned a trip to Turkey when Heidi was only six years old. She remembered that Heidi had a little love affair with a boy of the same age. Fiona, Ed's mom, also recalled that her son had made the same trip to Turkey at that time. Intrigued and gnawed by the doubt, Kay decided to get it right and decided to get out of the attic, old things including photos of Heidi when she was younger. To her surprise, she found several that were 20 years old and showed that Ed and Heidi were holding hands throughout their stay in Turkey. Fiona has recognized her son in the photo; he was recognizable despite his old-fashioned haircut of the time.

Mother dines with her future son-in-law

Ed and Heidi were stunned by this discovery; their love affair had really started at the age of 6 and came to fruition 20 years later.

Heidi, who was skeptical about fate, has since changed his vision of destiny. It is clear that it was written that they would be together for life. By meeting at the University, they knew deep down that they were two sister souls in search of their uniqueness and complementarity. The magic of the Universe operated and reunited them again, as an adult. Destiny was the strongest.

This story is a living and real proof that if two people are destined to be reunited, neither time nor distance will separate them; they will meet one day and finish their journey together.
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