A Study Says : Being Single Can Kill You Faster Than Obesity.

More and more people are forced or choose to live solo. Some prefer to stay single and benefit from the so-called "One Break" after a heartbreak, others are simply because they still have not found the right person to accompany them in their lives . But the thing no one has ever suspected is that celibacy can shorten life!

Being Single Can Kill You Faster Than Obesity.

Tobacco, obesity, pollution, and sedentary lifestyle are all factors that can reduce a person's life span. Celibacy too!

A recent study by the Psychological Sciences Association revealed facts about loneliness and celibacy that could make you frown! In this article, we explain everything!

Ladies and Gentlemen, today we present to you a study that would probably be the most astonishing you will read in your life! This study by American researchers, who have done a literary review of several other studies published since January 2014, found that celibacy can increase the risk of premature death.

The researchers who conducted this study, entitled "Loneliness, Social Isolation and Mortality Risk", synthesized about one hundred studies on this theme, and concluded that celibacy can reduce the duration of life.

How can celibacy kill you slowly?

It is not for nothing that people say that the heart is the seat of the soul! When the heart goes bad, nothing works in your life. The sorrows of love and loneliness are far more dangerous than you think. These can make you suffer and cause many ailments that can affect your life. Among the disadvantages of celibacy, we find:

Obesity: When you live solo, all occasions are good, to throw on his packet of chips, or his bar of chocolate! If we do not make efforts to control ourselves, we risk accumulating the bulges, and end up with a lot of eating disorders.

Depression and anxiety: Especially if you experience a difficult rupture, depression can occur, and taking antidepressant drugs, with such harmful effects becomes mandatory.

Lack of sleep: When we are alone, we are bored, so we start to spend sleepless nights in front of his TV, or his computer. This insomnia drains our energy, and causes us several diseases.

Addiction to smoking and alcohol: Some single people consolation themselves by smoking or drinking alcohol, which has a very negative impact on health and causes serious illness.

How to better live your celibacy?

You must know that if you are single, it is not the end of the world! We have all lived celibacy at one stage of our lives. The important thing is to know how to make the most of this period of celibacy, and not to let it go.

The tips below can help you enjoy your celibacy and be happy even if you're alone:

Get moving: Play sports, walk, take a walk, enjoy nature, and breathe fresh air!

Spend more time with your friends and family: You must admit that the biggest advantage of celibacy is the fact of being able to devote more time to your loved ones. Spend the weekend with your family, go to the beach with your friends, meet new people, but do not lock up, and do not stay in your corner.

Take care of yourself: With the problems of couple, one tends to abandon oneself, and to forget that one can have fun while being alone. Why not enjoy your celibacy to spend more time with yourself, and focus on your hobbies?

We are social beings by nature, social relations are therefore very important, but it is not only romantic relationships that matter. Spending time with friends and family can do you as much good as being in a relationship. And, remember, you can always find your soul mate! Just open your eyes.

If you feel that your solitude is affecting the quality of your life, and makes you sad and melancholy, we advise you to consult a specialist who can accompany you and provide you with the necessary help.
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