This Student Is Kidnapped, The Advice Of Her Mom Saves Her Life

When you hear the word "Kidnapping", you automatically think of those American action movies that you watch quietly in the movies or in front of your TV with your packet of chips in your hands. You think this only happens to others, and you totally rule out the possibility that we can all be victims of abduction or aggression. The story you are going to read today will change your mind.
According to the French Ministry of the Interior, nearly 40,000 people are registered each year in the file of the wanted persons. The disturbing statistics lead us to look for prevention and defense methods to avoid the worst.

Today, we are going to tell you the story of Jordan, a young student of 20, who did not let herself go, and who managed to save her life thanks to a trick given by her mother. A story worthy of Hollywood movies that will open your eyes.

The Advice that saves a life

Jordan is a 20-year-old student living in the United States, and more specifically in South Carolina. Last July, after a long day of work, this girl was planning to return home.

When she arrived in front of the university residence, three men came towards her. The latter took all that she had in her possession, and one of them took out her pistol and pointed it at her.

Unable to start her car that was manual, the attackers forced the girl to accompany them to the nearest petrol station.

Arrived at the service station, the attackers took Jordan to an ATM, and asked her to withdraw money. When she gave them the money. They told her they were planning to rape her.

It was at this moment that Jordan remembered a story that her mother had told her, and decided to take things in hand.

In an interview with US channel WCBD News 2, the girl said she thought about her mom's story. The latter was going to be raped, but thanks to her courage, she did not give up on her aggressor, and managed to escape.

Beth Turner, Jordan's mother, has always taught her that one must never give in, and that she must always be strong and courageous.

According to ABC News 4, the girl said:

"My mother always told me: If the attackers want to take you to an isolated place, never let yourself be, because if they do, no one will be able to come to your rescue, and they will be able to put you through everything. that they want "

Moments after giving the money to her attackers, Jordan began to think about how she was going to escape. She decided not to use her seatbelt so she could easily jump out of her vehicle.

"In my head, I said to myself: Do not wait, do it! And then I opened the door, and jumped out of the car "

After leaving her car, the young student asked for help from two drivers but to no avail, it was only the third person who decided to help her escape and save her life.

"The only thing I regret is not being able to look at the faces of these three criminals when I left them alone, inside a driverless car"

This student is kidnapped

Fortunately, the police managed to arrest Jordan's assailants, who were young teenagers, with already full criminal records.

This student is kidnapped

Jordan's story shows the importance of the advice parents can give to their children. In case of need, they are always useful and in the case of this girl, the advice of the mother saved her life.
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