Police Warning: If You See A Bottle Near Your Wheel, You Could Be In Danger

Since the dawn of time, thieves and criminals have been surprising us with their bizarre and innovative methods. Despite the efforts of the police, these criminals can be so cunning that it becomes difficult to stop them.

When we were still children, we sometimes innocently stole a candy or a chocolate, without even realizing the gravity of our act, until our parents explain to us that we must respect others, and not not touch objects that do not belong to us. Unfortunately, many people continue to fly even as adults, regardless of the others and the harm that can do to them.

If You See A Bottle Near Your Wheel, You Could Be In Danger

Several factors can push a person to commit a robbery. Some people steal because they lack financial means, others do so because of their psychiatric disorders. But there is another category of criminals who choose to steal their craft, and do it daily without remorse or regret.

With the Internet, movies, and books, criminals have no trouble finding developed and effective ways to trap their victims. But the method we are going to talk about today may surprise you.

What is this new method used by criminals to steal your car?

Despite its simplicity, this car-jacking technique that has gone around the web has caused panic in the ranks of car drivers. Here's how these criminals proceed to steal your vehicle:

First, thieves will stick an empty plastic bottle near the right tire of your car so you do not notice its presence. Then they will wait until you get in the vehicle.

When you start your car, the bottle will break and make a strange noise. Your first instinct will be to get off your vehicle to check what is not working well.

This is when thieves will be able to realize their plan: They will get into your car, take all your money and your items, and even your vehicle if you have left the keys.

How to avoid falling into the trap of these thieves?

As the old saying goes: Prevention is better than cure. Here are some tips that will help you protect yourself from attackers, and car thieves:

- Never forget to close the doors of your vehicle.

- If on your way you meet someone who asks you for information, do not open your window completely.

- Do not stop in isolated places, especially during the night.

- Never get off your car before turning off the ignition.

- When getting off of your vehicle, do not leave your keys inside.

- Always keep cool: Even if another driver provokes you, do not leave your car.

- If you feel unsafe, do not hesitate to call the police and turn on the hazard lights.

- If you have the means, do not hesitate to install a system of geolocation, as well as any other antitheft system.

What to do if you are a victim of car-jacking?

- If you are a victim of car-jacking, do not try to resist your aggressors.

- Try to stay calm and memorize as much as you can to help the police find these criminals.

- Even if the attackers are trying to provoke you, keep your cool, and let them go.

Do not hesitate to talk about this new method of car-jacking to your loved ones, it could prevent them from falling into the trap of these criminals!
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